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Pretty Maids live at Amager Bio Copenhagen,Denmark 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
January 30, 2007

Pretty Maids
Christmas Show
Amager Bio
14/12 – 2006

By: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The Danish legendary act Pretty Maids have not done a lot lately, their latest tour took place in 2002. Their latest album WAKE UP TO THE REAL WORLD came in late 2006 and it was that album the band was supporting with this early Christmas show at Amager Bio in Denmark. This was their second show, the day before they had played in Åhus, Denmark so this is not a proper tour.




I talked to guitarist Ken Hammer before the show and he said that the band was about to get out on a real tour in March/April 2007 and that he was really happy with the outcome of the new album.


Ken Hammer – guitar, b-vox
Ronnie Atkins – lead vocals
Ken Jackson – bass, b-vox
Allan Tshicaja – drums

The show kicked off with “Back To Back” which was followed by the christmas song “In Santa’s Claws”. Lead singer Atkins is a perfect frontman and the audience did everything he told them to. Jackson and Hammer are a great team, but should have worked a little harder towards the audience though, and Tshicaja is a rock behind the drums.

I thought this show was going to be a greatest hits show because of the enormous back catalogue the band has but no. 6 songs out of the show's 17 were taken from the new album. But even though I think the new songs are perfect it can seem a bit strange that they played so many as the cd had only been out in denmark for a few days



A few of the amazing classic songs Pretty Maids did do were “Savage Heart”, “Love Games” and “Red Hot And Heavy”. There wasn't any material from the later albums like CARPE DIEM. From ANYTHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH OVERDOING (1999) they did the songs “Destination Paradise” and “Hell On High Hells” and from PLANET PANIC (2002) only one song, “Virtual Brutality”. The set list sure left more to wish for unfortunately.

The night ended with “Red Hot And Heavy” but the band was called back to do the encores which were “Future World” followed by “Please Don’t Leave Me”. To close the show they a fitting Christmas tune “A Merry Jingle”.

Pretty Maids is still a strong and solid live act but the strange choice of songs didn’t benefit the show at all. I had hoped that they would play some more older song and would put on a more energetic show.



The Danes played a good show but nothing more which is sad because I know that the guys can do better than this. Pretty Maids are booked for Sweden Rock Festival this summer and I hope that they can give a stronger performance there.


Back To Back
Santa’s Claws
Wake Up To The Real World
I Am The End
Such A Rush
Hell On High Heels
Brave Young Breed
Another Shot Of Your Love
Destination Paradise
Savage Heart
Virtual Brutality
Perfect Strangers
Love Games
Red Hot And Heavy


Future World
Please Don’t Leave Me
A Merry Jingle



More info about the band




Thanks to Stefan at Zink Music for the help with press-photo-pass to the show

Thanks to Pretty Maides tour manager for the help with photo at the show

Thanks to Pekka “Partner in crime” Ristakoski for keeping track of the setlist this evening



Last Updated ( February 13, 2008 )

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