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Torben Enevoldsen of Fatal Force PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
September 25, 2006

The leader of the Danish act Fatal Force Torben Enevoldsen is a reall busy man that I managed to get in touch with and interviewed. Here is everything you would like to know about Mr. Enevoldsen and his band/project Fatal Force.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to MTM Music for the promo pictures of the band

Thanks to Mr. Enevoldsen for providing me with more promo pictures





Hi Torben, I know you’re a really busy man and I’m really glad that you took the time to answer my question, let’s kick this off with you telling me how you first got into the music business?

I started playing guitar some 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until the early 90’s that I got serious about it. I then started practicing every day and also began writing my own material. In 1995 I recorded a few songs that I released as a demo cd. I got a lot of positive response but no record deal. In 1997, I went back to the studio to record some new songs. Soon after, I got my first record deal and my debut album was finally released in 1998 by the Dutch label Roxon Records. The rest, I guess, is history… 


How many albums have you done prior this one and what kind of music is it on those albums?

I have done 3 instrumental albums which all are in the hard rock genre and 2 albums with my other band Section A. The Section A stuff is a blend of very melodic hard rock and prog metal.


For how long have you played guitar and do you have any “idols” that you look up to within the guitarscene and that inspired you to be a guitarist?

I have played guitar seriously for about 15 years now. My main influences as a guitarist are Yngwie Malmsteen, Allan Holdsworth and Steve Lukather.


Can you play any other instruments besides guitar?

I play the bass and also the keyboards.


Have you been involved in any other bands besides Fatal Force? If so which one(s)? Any famous ones?

I have been involved in quite a few bands over the years, but none all that famous.


How’s the metal/hardrock scene in Denmark doing today?

I think that it is doing extremely well actually. There’s a lot of very talented musicians and bands here in Denmark, so I think that the future is looking very bright indeed.


What’s the most common questions you’ll get by the fans?

When I will be doing live appearances in their country.


Can you live on the music or do you have a regular job as well?

I am fortunate enough to be able to make a living playing music.


Where in the world does Fatal Force have the biggest fanbase?

I have absolutely no idea. I am getting e-mails from fans from  all over the world, so it’s really hard to pinpoint.


Are you big in Denmark and have the Fatal Force album sold many copies there?

Hard rock is not big in Denmark at all, so no. I haven’t seen the royalty statements yet, so I don’t know the sales.


Do you have any ideas on how many copies of albums you have sold besides the Fatal Force selftitled new debut?

I really don’t. My first album was never accounted for and there is generally a lot of confusion on this subject. My albums have all been sub-licensed to various regions around the world and let’s just say that some companies don’t appear to be that hung up on deadlines and settlements. I hope to be able to tell for sure some day, as I am quite curious myself actually.


Lets talk about Fatal Force. How long did it take to write the album and have you written all of the material?

It didn’t take that long to write the material itself. I think that the entire album was written in a few weeks. I wrote all the music and Mats Levén wrote the lyrics.

Why the name Fatal Force? What’s the story behind that name?

I just needed a catchy name for this project and thought it sounded cool.


Are Fatal Force a band or a project?

At this point it’s a project. I wanted to take Fatal Force to another level, but it was simply impossible. The main problem is, that we are all extremely busy guys, and scheduling gigs and so on, would have been a complete nightmare.


How did Mats Levén and Daniel Flores end up on the album, did you know the guys from before?

I had worked with Mats before and he just seemed to be the obvious choice for this album. I had never worked with Daniel before, but I had heard him play on several albums and just liked his approach to drumming.


Have you heard anything by those guys before? If so what did you think of it?

My first album with Mats was the self-titled Treat album. Later on, I got the Malmsteen album as well. I really liked what I heard a lot. The first album I got with Daniel on drums was Benny Jansson’s solo album Save The World. Great album and great playing.


Are you happy with their work?



There’s no one listed playing bass on the album, who is playing?

I played the bass as well as the keyboards myself.


When was the album recorded and how long did it take to record?

The album was recorded during the autumn of last year. I guess it took a couple of months total.


Who’s produced the album, in the bio it says Tommy Hansen but on the album it says you?

Tommy Hansen mixed and mastered the album and I produced it.


Who’s done the cover artwork and what do you think of it?

The front cover artwork was done by Carl-André Beckston. I think he did a great job.


Why did you choose to sign on to MTM Music and do you think that the label have done a good job promoting the album?

I chose to sign with MTM because they were very interested in the album and presented me with a good deal. As far as I know, I think that they have done a good job promoting the album.

For how many albums have you signed for?

Just this one, but they do have an option for two more.


How would you desrcibe what kind of music Fatal Force plays?

I would say that it’s melodic hard rock with just a touch of prog and metal.


Are there any more albums planned to be released by Fatal Force?

There are no new album planned at this point. I am very busy doing other projects right now, but who knows what will happen down the line…


Are there any plans on doing any shows with Fatal Force in the near future? If so who’s gonna play the bass?

Unfortunately no.


Have you read any reviews of the album? What have media to say about it?

We have received some very nice reviews I think. I have read perhaps 50 or something and they have pretty much all been good.


What do the fans think of it?

According to the many e-mails I have received, they appear to be loving it. That is really great and I am very happy about that.


Please give me three reasons why the readers should run out and by the album right away?

Well, I think you should buy the album because it’s a great melodic hard rock album with stellar performances and a killer production. You don’t necessarily have to run though.


Can you reveal what’s going to happen next in the Fatal Force camp?

There are no immediate plans, but I would definitely like to do a follow up album some time.  


What are the plans for Torben Enevoldsen during the rest of 2006?

I am currently busy recording an album with Peter Sundell (Ex-Grand Illusion). All the songs have been written and we expect for the album to be completed by November. I recently joined the Danish hard rock band Pangea and we have just begun working on the bands third album.

In May I started my own instrumental band and we hope to be able to play some gigs in a few months or so.
I am also planning a new instrumental album, so I am definitely keeping very busy. 


According to your webiste you have joined a very famous band, can you reveal which band it is?

The band is Pangea - and I don’t think it says famous.



Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers and fans outthere?

I just hope that you will check out my music and please visit me online at:
Also, I would like to thank all of you who are writing the wonderful and supportive e-mails. Keep ‘em coming!

Thanks a lot again for taking the time to answer my questions...

Thank YOU!



Read the CD review of the debut album here

More info about the band



Last Updated ( September 26, 2006 )

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