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Teddy Möller bandleader for Loch Vostok PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
August 15, 2006

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Lars Chriss at: Escapi Music Group
Promo pics by Escapi Music

Now the time has come to interview the mastermind and leader of the band Loch Vostok, Teddy Möller. The band comes from Uppsala, Sweden. Loch Vostok have been around a few years but have never been interviewed in so I thought it was about time to get in touch with Teddy and talk about Loch Vostok and their new album.


Hi Teddy, would you please like to tell the readers a little background info about Loch Vostok?

Yeah, Loch Vostok started when I was tired of Mayadome. Maya was my baby for many years, but deteriorated into some kind of prog rock…nothing wrong with that but I always wanted to be more aggressive, so I decapitated Maya with a dull skate, then kickstarted Vostok the same day. I wanted to have musicians that could play pretty intricate stuff but still be totally metal. No fucking sober music student vegan nerds.

The bandname is a bit strange, how come you chose to call the band Loch Vostok? Does it mean anything special?

I read somewhere about this place called Lake Vostok where the UFO nerds think there’s ET’s and shit…that was so stupid so I picked that for the band, then I just changed Lake to Loch. Lake Vostok does exist though, it’s a sweetwater lake under Antarctica. 

 Even though you started out quite a few years ago there have been a lot of member changes, how many members have come and gone?

Bassist #1 Erik Grandin moved to USA
Keyboardist #1 Sebastian Okupski left cuz he was tired of the music biz. Keyboardist #2 Andreas Lindahl left cuz he lived too far away from where we rehearse and live. I’m happy it didn’t affect the band much, except we’re very blessed to have Fredrik Klingwall with us on keys now, he’s so fucking metal, even I have a problem keeping up. He can drink, play and even play Death riffs on guitar. He rules.

You recorded a promo demo during 2002 that you send out to different record labels, what response did you get from the labels?

What response? :)

You financed your debut album DARK LOGIC by yourself, when was it recorded?

Back in 2003.

Did any of the promo songs make it on to DARK LOGIC?

Yeah, all of them.

That album was recorded in DugOut Studio and in The Prime Studio, where is The Prime Studio located?

The Prime Studio is dead and buried, and now resurrected under a new name: Blueflame Productions and is located just outside Uppsala city. check out the website Me and Kupper just rebuilt the studio a year and a half ago, it’s pretty classy now.

DARK LOGIC was produced by the notorious Daniel Bergstrand, how was it to work with him and what makes him so special as a producer?

Every recording I’ve ever done since 1991 was with Daniel, so working with him is real easy, I’ve known him for nearly 16 years now. I’ve even done some work in his studio, like tuning drums for most of the albums recorded there, and I think two In Flames albums has my Mapex 12”x5” snare on them. Working with him is real easy, but we call him vocal Hitler because he’s so picky, he won’t let you go until every note is dead on. It wasn’t really produced by him though, he didn’t have any input on the material at all, he just made it sound good.

Your first label you were signed to was based in former Soviet, how come you chosed them to release your debut?

We didn’t have much choice bro, the rest of the world hated Vostok. But the russkies took it and dammit we sold like 17 copies in 3 months. Actually, we’ve sold 2000 copies there now.

After a while you signed on for a Portuguese label that released the album world wide, is that correct? How did you get in contact with that label?

Our management, Intromental Management, found them, and sure enough, they got bankrupt after 6 months, but only after selling 2600 copies.

Who owns the legal right to DARK LOGIC today and is it still available in the stores?

We do of course, We only licensed it to the labels. 

What did the media think of DARK LOGIC?

Mostly 8/10 and 4/5 but some 1/10 and 21/100 too… Many reviewers called it the best debut ever and so forth, I think about 85% of the reviews were positive.

Who writes the material in the band? And what are the lyrics about on the new album DESTRUCTION TIME AGAIN?

I write music and lyrics. I want the other guys to write as well, but they’re fucking lazy! They did some rhythms and stuff here and there, but I do write most of the stuff. I’m tired of writing lyrics though…I repeat myself when under stress… I repeat myself when under stress… I repeat myself when under stress… I repeat myself when under stress…

The bio says that Loch Vostok is a proper band and not a project, is that true?

You bet your sweet ass.

Have the current members been involved in any other bands besides Loch Vostok? If so which ones?

I play in Wuthering Heights and F.K.Ü.´Fred plays in Anima Morte and others Kupper plays in Searing I, Alvis plays in some cover band Tym plays with himself…in a naughty way.

Do you think that Loch Vostok have developed musicwise through the years? If so in what way?

All of us has become better musicians and better performers, and also better entertainers. Loch Vostok is fun to watch as well as listen to. The music has become less chaotic and more thrashy I guess, more straightforward. The extreme parts have become more extreme too…I’d like to write some more prog stuff sometime, but it’s impossible to sell…and I’m a sucker for live gigs, tours and booze.

Are there any special artists or persosn that have influenced the band musicwise? If so which one and why?

King Diamond, because of his versatility, he fits almost everywhere, it’s the only artist I know that black metal people and glam people like, as well as thrashers, moshers, etc.

You are a drummer but in Loch Vostok you play guitar and sing the lead vocals, how many instruments can you play and which instrument do you think you manage the best?

I’ve played the drums since I was 5 years old, so that makes it 30 years now, I’ve played the guitar for 29 years, I’ve played bass in different bands here and there since I was maybe 14-15, and I’ve been singing my whole life… I also play keyboards but I fucking suck at it.

I’ve never chosen between drums and guitar, I’ve always liked them equally for different reasons. I play drums every day and I play guitar for at least 30 min every day… so what am I best at? Guitar I think, because when I play drums, I have no idea what I’m doing theoretically, but when I play guitar I actually have a clue :)

Is there any special artist or musician that made you start to play in the first place?

Yeah, my dad. Me, him and my sis toured Sweden playing Country and Western music when we were kids. Best school ever… and my fosterbrother Micke Ahlström, who had a big collection of rock music. He always listened to Thin Lizzy and AC/DC so that’s where my rock roots came from, my mom totally dug that stuff too. She got transformed too and she bought me a lot of albums when I was a kid. Then when I was like 12 or 13, I discovered Venom, and I got hooked on more brutal stuff, I bought all those classic Metal Massacre and found out about bands like Dark Angel, Slayer, Hirax and so forth.

Where in the world do you think Loch Vostok have their biggest fanbase?

I guess in Scandinavia, we’ve done so many shows here, and there’s always some people who knows our stuff. Using the word BIG in the same sentence as VOSTOK is probably a mistake though :) 

Can you live on the music or do you have regular jobs besides the band?

We live off our jobs, but live for metal.

Do you have a lot of visitor on your website and what’s the most common question you’ll get by fans?

Yeah, it’s getting there, about fucking time! Always: What does Loch Vostok mean?

You are now signed to Escapi Music, how come you signed on for them and what do you think of the label?

Same thing there, our management found them, and it seems like a good company, I know some of them have been fucked over by labels themselves, so I guess they won’t be lying anyway, like labels have in the past. I sincerely hope that they’re ready to build something together, not just hope for fast cash, you won’t get fast cash with first release if you’re not doing Payola big time.

Let’s talk a bit about your new album DESTRUCTION TIME AGAIN, how long did it take to record the album and which studio was used?

We recorded it at Blueflame, it took about a year, but I’d guess about three months were effective time. We had a lot of other bookings in the studio, and money has to come first, the money I make on the studio, goes right back to the studio. 


We just stole it from Depeche Mode, they have an album called Construction Time Again but Destruction is more fun. Also, it suited the cover idea I had in mind.

Who has produced and mixed the album?

Me and Kupper did.

Have you read any reviews of the album? What have the media to say about it?

Better this time, since the album is more focused we’ve gained a lot of new fans. Reviewers need to sit down and listen to it properly though, our music has more depth than surface.

Has the album been released worldwide yet? Or do you have any dates on when it’s being released in the States and Asia?

It’s out in Europe. Dunno about Japan. USA in July

Are you satisfied with the album or is there anything you think you should have done in a different way now that you look back on it?

I’m very satisfied with it, there are always flaws but they make the album good I think.

Do you have any favorite track on DESTRUCTION TIME AGAIN? If so which one(s) and why?

Gestalt, because it’s so fucking good, and it totally represents Loch Vostok, and what we’re all about. 

Who’s done the cover artwork and what do you think of it? Do you think it reflects the bands music?

I did it, and I think it works fine, it doesn’t look like all the run of the mill multilayer Photoshop covers that’s out there. It represents some of the songs, but it’s no fucking concept album. It does the job, it stands out, it’s eyecatching.

You have been support act to King Diamond throughout Scandinavia, how was that? Which show was the best? And how was it to be support to King Diamond?

Guess! It was amazing of course. The King was very cool ,and his crew treated us like royalties. It’s the best thing ever.Best shows were probably Helsinki or Stockholm. We totally clicked with the audience at both places, and we sold a lot of merchandise.

Are you going to tour now more now when that the album is out? In that case where are you going to play?

Yeah, we’re playing in Denmark in June with Pyramaze, I play with the drummer in Wuthering Heights and their guitarist Toke used to be a stand in guitarist in WH. It’ll be very cool, we’ve played in DK so many times but I love it, Denmark rules.

Which territory is the main priority for Loch Vostok at the moment Scandinavia, Europe or USA?

All of it of course, anyone who wants to find some very special music is a priority for us, metal knows no borders.

How would you like to describe what kind of music you play?

Progressive Death with Cheeze Topping.

There’s also a female that sings on the album? Who’s she?

Tina Gunnarsson, she’s my sister and she’s a phenomenal singer, very powerful and “in the pocket”, most of her takes are first takes.

Are you the only male that sings on the album? If so you really have an amazing voice that spans from death/black metal voice to a more regular singing style. 

On the chorus of the title track, Lawrence Mackrory sings the lead, the first verse of “Rebound” is Kupper but other than that it’s me. I’m getting there. I have so much to learn in the singing department, but lead singers are assholes so I’m singing instead, I won’t hire no fucking hypochondric diva rockstar.

When can we expect to find the next album by Loch Vostok in the stores?


Give me three reasons why we should buy DESTRUCTION TIME AGAIN.

1. It has all the styles you like in one album.
2. It has a powerful production with many surprise moments.
3. We need the money to buy more pizza and beer.

Finally, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions and is there anything you’d like to say to the fans outthere?

It’s because of souls of fire like you we exist. We are first metal fans, then musicians. Thrash til Death!!! 

Read the CD review of the new album here

More info about the band



Last Updated ( August 21, 2006 )

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