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Written by Anders Sandvall   
May 18, 2006

Bullet - Drummer Gustav
Interview by Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Black lodge for the promo pictures of the band.
Thanks to Niklas ďHobbeĒ Andersson at Sound Pollution for help with the interview.

Bullet is a new up and coming Swedish act that has recently released their debut album titled HEADING FOR THE TOP. The CD is an excellent release and I have taken the opportunity to pose these questions to the drummer of Bullet: Gustav.

Hi guys, whatís up? Well I really loved you album and now I like many others are curious of who you guys are, can you tell us about the members and a bit about why and when Bullet started out?

All of us except Lenny lives in VšxjŲ or in the villages around. Bands around here are easily getting in touch with eachother
And when Hampus wanted to get the band together he just went to the rehearsal studio next door where Erik and I rehearsed with our old trash act Talion and asked if we wanted to join. Hampus and Hell had been playing together some years ago in a cover band so he joined and we started to put a couple of songs together. Hampus knew  Lenny from his time in Hypnosia and called him. He showed up a couple of weeks later for our first photo shoot. He didnít listen to our music and he didnít play a note, but he drank a lot of beer and complained on Erik wearing a blue T-shirt!? So I guess thatís when he joined.




Why on earth do some of you have aliases? Arenít you cool anyway?

We donít have aliases, maybe some slight changes in name spellings.




Have any of the members been involved in any famous or wellknown acts prior to Bullet?

Apart from Talion and Hynosia that I already mentioned, Hamp has been playing in bands like Birdflesh and Jigsore Terror. Lenny has been playing in loads of bands like Incinerator, Nominon, Pagan Rites, Devil Lee Rot, to mention some.


Which member is the youngest/oldest in the band?

Me and Erik are the young guys and Lenny is the old one.


Before HEADING TO THE TOP you recorded both a demo and an MCD what did the media and fans think of those?

Fans has always showed great interest in our stuff since the beginning and we have regular contact with people from all parts of the world. Media has also given us a lot of positive criticism for both Heavy Metal Highway and Speeding In The Night. Now when we have become a more official band and got a lot more attention along with the release of Heading For The Top, some bad criticism has turned up along with all the good But it is still clear that this kind of music is still not dead.

How many shows have you done so far? Have you been out touring anything yet?

We have done about 20-30 gigs. Not a great lot for 4 years maybe but we have never been looking for gigs, we have spent a lot of our time writing and recording so far. But for our recent release we are working on booking agency and we are planning to be on the road this summer.


Was it hard to get a label-deal?

We have never worked that hard on record deals. We have had some offers from different people and places from the start but nothing really satisfying. The deal with Black Lodge though, we got thanks to Martin Axťn. He had us playing in Stockholm for some people and thatís how we got the deal.


How come you have Martin Axťn from the Swedish band The Ark as manager?

The guys from The Ark are all from around our home town and so Martin got our stuff through friends and liked it and wanted to do what he can to help us on our way.


How come you signed on for Black Lodge and what do you think of the work BL have put down on your album regarding promotion etc?

Black Lodge has a big contact network through Sound Pollution and we quickly got a lot of attention and good criticism from all over Europe so we are pleased so far.


How long did it take to record the debut album? And how long did it take to write the music and lyrics and are there any songs that is on the CD that was on the demo or the MCD?

We regard Heading For The Top as our first real official release and it features songs from all of our first 4 years as a band. Bang Your Head is for example the very first song we ever wrote and can be found on both the demo and MCD. Also Leather Love can be found on the MCD. We are still proud of our old stuff but since it never really got properly distributed of promoted we wanted to include the best parts in this release. Maybe some of our other old songs will also appear somewhere in the future, who knows?






Who writes the music/lyrics and what are the lyrics about? From what I can hear on the album are the lyrics a lot about headbanging, bikes, beers and babes is that correct?

Well, yeah I think you have got what itís all about. We write about things that interest us and what we like to do. Some is real, some is fiction, some is both but itís all heavy metal. Me, Erik and/or Hampus usually come up with most of the ideas for songs but itís never finished until everybody have put their touch into the song. Hell has also done some of the lyrics.


Do you guys have any common favorite band or person that you look up to or gain inspiration from?

We got some obvious inspirations like all the NWOBHM bands etc. Judas Priest is maybe our greatest inspiration. But personally I listen to a lot of older music too and I can gain inspiration from everything between 20ís delta blues to 80ís thrash metal when I come up with an idea to a song. As long as itís always Bullet when itís done it doesnít matter.


Personally I think youíre playing 80s heavy metal in the veins of AC/DC, old Judas Priest and Accept, how would you like to describe what kind of music you play?

Bullet play metal the way it was done between the late 70ís and early 80ís. No hippie, no sleaze, just pure heavy rock ní roll.


Where is your studio Euphony located and why did you choose to record your album there?

The studio is located here in VšxjŲ and we chose it much of the convenience of recording it close to home. We also knew the people behind the studio and we have always preferred to work with our friends. We know we can cooperate with and who also already knows what Bullet is all about.





Bullet have together with Jonas Sundberg produced the album,  why did you engage him and whatís so great with him as a producer?

Jonas is a studio technician we knew since before Bullet and we knew we could make a good job together. We have the ideas of how we want to sound and he has the ideas of how to make it that way.


Do you have any favorite tracks on the album? If so which one(s) and why?

I think we have made an album with 11 strong songs that all has its own qualities. It makes the favorites varies but we all like Bang Your Head a lot and thatís also a great song to play live. I always get a certain feeling on stage when we playing that one.


For how many albums are you guys signed to on BL?

The plan is to release at least 3 albums for BL.

Why the title HEADING FOR THE TOP? Does that symbolize anything in particular?

Itís I title that sounds classic, itís easy to remember and has a
strong message to it. It symbolize what we are up to right now. We want to push this band as far as we can get.


What have the media to say about it? Have you read any reviews yet?

There are new reviews in magazines and on internet popping up every other day. And what I have seen we have got everything from like 1.5/5 to 10/10 in grades but most of it is good reviews. (If you mean if we have got any comments about the title I havenít seen any so far)


Where in the world are the album released today? any plans on releasing it world wide?

Yes, It will be released world wide. The date in Sweden is set to 28/4 and I believe itís the same for rest of Europe. Other parts of the world I donít know.




Is there any plans on heading out on tour now that the album is out?

Yes absolutely, As soon as we get a booking deal we going out there! There is not many dates set yet though.


In the bio it says that your album is the best album since BACK IN BLACK and that you are the only band that plays 80ís heavy metal with style today, what have you to say about that?

What we mean is that we think heavy music has lost its concept through the last two decades. MTV and other genres has made too much impact on what today is called metal. Of course there is still retro bands and bands that are influenced by NWOBHM but I havenít heard anyone that has really caught that original heavy sound yet.


And the quote ďLenny Blade always looks good on pictureĒ is that really true?

Well, what do you think? To me Lenny Blade really defines the concept of beauty!


Are you going to lean in the same direction as on this album on the follow up or are you going to change course?

We have made a couple of new songs for upcoming releases but itís still hard to say in what direction we will develop in the future. But we think that we have really found our sound on Heading For The Top and we are not planning on changing. You can all count on that everything we do will always sound like Bullet.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions, is there anything youíd like to say to the readers and fans outthere?

Just to keep up the hot rocking. The summer is coming up with lots of bike riding and festivals. Keep your eyes open and maybe youíll catch us somewhere playing or just headbanging!
Stay Metal!!!

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