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D.A.D Scare Yourself Alive Tour Malmö Sweden 2005 PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
December 06, 2005

Scare Yourself Alive Tour
2/11 – 2005


By: Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

Photos by: Anders Sandvall

D.A.D is one of the best selling acts in Denmark and by now they’re also considered legends in my fellow small neighbor country of Sweden. The stop at KB this evening was their last before they headed home to finish off their one month long tour in order to promote their new album SCARE YOURSELF.

Unfortunately the crowd wasn't particularly huge this Wednesday night. KB has a capacity of about 750 people when it’s sold out but this evening I estimated the crowd being about 400-450 people and that’s nothing compared to what D.A.D have played for in Sweden when they were at their top of their career. Maybe the small amount of people had something to do with the high ticket price on 240 SEK, 1 Dollar is about 8-9 SEK then you can do the math on your own.



The band was scheduled to be on stage at 9 p.m., but was delayed and came on stage at about 45 minutes later. The band have had a steady line-up for several years now and it looks like this.

Jacob Binzer – lead guitar, b-vox
Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Stigge Nasty – bass, b-vox
Laust Sonne – drums, b-vox

The band have only went through one member change since their debut came in 1986, so the band must really like each other and what they do a lot.




The band entered the stage throughout the intro with a whole lot of smoke and white light, something that is a nightmare for a photographer, and kicked off the show with the first song from their new album, a song called “Lawrence of Suburbia”. That song went straight into the next one which was the second song on SCARE YOURSELF “A Good Day (To Give It Up)”, for some strange reason it didn’t look like the Malmö crowd was aware of the new album because they mainly just stood there and looked at the guys.

Most of the material this evening was, of course, taken from the new album but also from EVERYTHING GLOWS and SOFT DOGS. Besides the song already mentioned the band “Alright”, “Unexplained”, “Camping in Scandinavia”, “Scare Yourself” taken from SCARE YOURSELF, from EVERYTHING GLOWS came “Everything Glows”, “Evil Twin”, “Home Alone” and “Hate To Say I Told You So” which Jesper and Laust did an amazing acoustic version of. Jesper sang and Laust played piano and sang b-vox, it was truly another of the magical D.A.D moments amongst others that I have experienced and it would be fun if they released this version on a CDS or something like that because this version is almost better than the original one. But they hadn’t forgotten the old classics like “Bad Craziness”, “Sleeping My Day Away” and “Jihad (No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims)” which contained the usual sing a long parts from the crowd.




The first half of the show was dedicated more to the newer songs and the only older track they did then was “Isn’t That Wild” taken from their second album ever. Jesper thanked the audience in between the songs and told us that they had won the MTV Nordic Music Awards Honor Prize a few nights before but they had sadly forgotten their trophy in the cab on the way home. Other than that he just introduced the songs and joked with the audience.

A positive thing with this night was that they had dusted off some of the older songs that they hadn’t played for a really long time, those were “Overmuch”, “Makin Fun Of Money” and “Point Of View” and it was great fun to hear those old favorites once again.

I have looked at pictures from the other shows the band did prior to this and the main difference was that this evening they hadn’t any gear on stage except for the most necessary things of course, but other than that the stage was clean. That gave Jesper/Stig and Jacob more space to move around which they did through all of the night, especially Stig and Jesper, Jacob mostly walked around and looked cool like the extraordinary guitarist he is. After a few calmer years on stage Stig has woken up and tonight he was back to his old self. He ran around and joked with the crowd and to my surprise he had a few of his many bass-guitars with him, he usually plays on his old neon-yellow two stringed one but this time he also used the rocket-bass and the ones that looks like and olive.



The second part of the show was dedicated to the old classics and in “Riding With Sue” it’s Stigs time to take over the mic, it’s sad that Stig isn’t singing as much as he used to because he has a really good voice too. The show ends with “Unexplained” that tags along with “Camping In Scandinavia” and by then they have played for nearly 90 minutes. But of course the crowd calls for encores and the guys re-enter the stage and fire off “Evil Twin”, the next song in line is a longer version of “Overmuch” in which Laust contributed with a drum solo in the middle. By that I started to wonder if they were going to play one of my absolute favorite songs and one of the two the band HAS to end all of their shows with and of course, the band didn’t disappoint me this time either because after another round of applauds Stig took the mic and starts to sing “It’s After Dark” with the audience taking over the second verse as always and with that we were totally satisfied and after 1.50 we could walk home with a smile on our faces.




To our delight we had witnessed another brilliant show with one of our absolute favorite acts through all time, and the band looks and sounds as vital and energetic as always. The only thing I personally missed was the pyro and fires they used at the other shows, but even with that and the lack of people we were genuinely happy when we walked home in the cold November night still humming on “It’s After Dark”...


More info about the band

Thanks to Hanna at Talent Trust

And thanks to Maria Sköld at Kulturbolaget for help with the press/photo pass



Set list

Lawrence Of Suburbia
A Good Day (To Give It Up)
Isn’t That Wild
Point Of View
Scare Yourself
Soft Dogs
Home Alone
Something Good
Makin Fun Of Money
Jihad (No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims)
Riding With Sue
Hate To Say I Told You So
Hey Now
Everything Glows
Sleeping My Day Away
Bad Craziness
Camping In Scandinavia
Evil Twin
Overmuch – drum solo
It’s After Dark


Last Updated ( December 29, 2005 )

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