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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2005 - Helsinki Finland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Metal-Rules.Com Team Finland   
September 03, 2005
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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2005 - Helsinki Finland
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The First Day ? Friday



One of the most anticipated acts at Tuska 2005, according to an amazingly vast sea of metalheads that had arrived to witness one certain band?s live strength, was absolutely Jari M?enp???s Wintersun whom neo-classical ?metal? has  become unbelievably popular in Finland, but especially in many Central-European countries like in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland.


So when Wintersun hit on the stage, most of the band?s fans just seemed to go totally berserk by a sheer excitement. It was easy to say that even if Wintersun is a quite young name on the map of today?s metal scene, the band has got a relatively strong following behind them already. Naturally Jari?s ex-band Ensiferum has something to do with the success of Wintersun as well even if Wintersun isn?t Ensiferum or vice versa. 

I need to confess that the whole band played somewhat breath-takingly well together, the guys proved to be a damn talented bunch of young metal musicians, mastering their instruments in a very skillful way, and their songs just reached many pairs of ears so effortlessly that no one should wonder a bit that there really is something special and appealing in Wintersun. It?s fair to say that it?s Jari M?enp???s overall virtuoso performance and strong vocal delivery, and Kai Hahto?s incredible drum work (also a drummer in Rotten Sound as many of you already know) that are indeed the two main carrying forces of this band. Especially Kai Hahto just never fails to amaze people by his unbelievably tricky yet so-?effortless-to-the-eyes? drum work. He?s simply a fuckin? wizard behind his drum battery, no more or no less.

However, despite all these positive words about them above, the further their set progressed, the more long-winded and faceless their live performance unfortunately became. It started to sound like they repeated the same song all over and over again. I honestly rather wanna hear them from a record than hear them in a live situation as their type of an extremely demanding and complicated musical approach is surely hard to produce live the way every instrument could sound equal to each other. Unfortunately this particular goal wasn?t reached during the Wintersun?s set that well as one may have expected. 





You just cannot stop loving ?trolls?, can you? Especially those specific trolls crawling out of the deepest and darkest forests of Finland? Nope, just like I thought you wouldn?t care for them too much, but you surely do like Finntroll, right ? being a metal fan that you are. Finntroll had arrived straight from their successful German tour to do Tuska and the band proved to be in a good spirit when they started pleasing their fans at Tuska. Being in a full action on their home ground and in front of a few thousands fans, must have given an extra kick to their trolls? asses because the Troll ?bunch kept themselves in a restless and wild motion as long as their show lasted, kind of like trying to pull through a show that people could remember as one of the highlights of Tuska 2005. They certainly succeeded in convincing most of us amongst the huge crown about their excellence as a strong and entertaining live band, and more likely the band?s performance at Tuska 2005 will be remember even just far longer than one could expect. Finntroll did a great job and most probably left many pleased fans behind them after thanking their supportive fans in the end of the set. But thank you Finntroll as well; hope to see you guys soon again playing for us and giving another lesson in a folk-tinged ?trollish? metal that they can do the best in the whole world.


When the German thrashers Dew-Scented carried a torch of the old school German Thrash Metal spirit with proud and honour last year, it was about time this year to have a lesson in an bestial invasion provided by the legendary German Thrash Metal icon, namely Destruction. The German trio definitely has a somewhat fanatical fanbase up here in Finland that could easily be witnessed by a huge amount of metal fans that had gathered to the Sue -stage to see the mighty German Thrash -trio in full action. Once Schmier and Mike rushed on the stage and Marc started molesting his batteries in the very beginning of the gig by unleashing ?Curse The Gods? off from the ETERNAL DEVASTATION to the air, the immediate reaction amongst the Finnish Thrash Metal freaks obeyed sort of a real ?thrash-til?-death? -mentality. The pit in front of the stage was a real flaming inferno, and people in it were not intentended to give up any inch for each other, just raging and enjoying wildly thru the whole 60 min set, ending up raising a huge dusty cloud up in the air during Destruction?s show.

Schmier and Mike being the main core of the band, whipped the audience with a plenty of well-known tunes by doing an equal set consisting of both older and naturally newer material in their set. Besides all the new and old classic songs, the German Thrash Metal patrol did only one song called ?Soul Collector? off from the band?s upcoming album titled INVENTOR OF EVIL which fitted perfectly into the set together with the other stuff. When the evergreen Destruction song "Bestial Invasion" started to cut the dusty air, the audience went entirely berserk.

The German Thrash trio is  - and in fact, has always been at its best on the stage; the band knows exactly how to please and entertain their fans as it has been seen and proved so many times before. Their gig at Tuska proved very clearly for all of us why Destruction still actually exists, and why there?s so much interest toward them even nowadays. These old yet very experienced German fellows certainly know how to thrash - how to thrash straight through the hearts of metal fans... and they are damn good at it even. 

Afterwards it was found out kind of an unexpected revelation in the audience when a member of the Finnish Parliament, representing the Christian right-wing party, had been identified in the crowd, and who was following the Destruction show for a moment while at the same time Schmier and co. did their absolutely best by ?cursing the gods? on the stage. But obviously this female politician in question was not that much keen on that type of thrashing metal noises as she left the festival area relatively quickly, obviously being totally lost and simply just wondering where she had dragged her ass to?  

Curse the Gods
Nailed to the Cross
Mad Butcher
Thrash ?till Death
Life without Sense
Metal Discharge
Soul Collector
Butcher Strikes Back
Total Desaster
Eternal Ban
Bestial Invasion


Apocalyptica is known for their unique way of combining the metal sounds with the four cellos and especially their cover versions of Metallica?s evergreen tunes catapulted the Finnish cello virtues to another level of an incredible success. The four cello wizards are rarely witnessed on the soil of their domestic country nowadays and therefore getting Apocalyptica to Tuska for the first time ever to give a lesson of the metal by four cellos was just a matter of time.  Even thought the outfit is doing a massive long world tour at the moment, but they definitely sacrificed themselves in front of a huge crowd on the main stage under the burning red-hot sun by doing a plenty of - ?surprise? surprise?, Metallica?s tunes for example ?Master of Puppets?, ?Nothing Else Matters?, ?Fight Fire with Fire? and ?Seek And Destroy?. Having a plenty of those Metallica songs on the set was a natural choice, but in the long run playing just those cover songs may turn more or less boring. But for obvious reasons those songs caused a ballistic reaction amongst the audience. Especially Seek And Destroy made the audience sing and scream by heart and loud indeed.  However their own so called ?big hits? ?Betrayal/Forgiveness?, ?Quutamo? and above all ?BitterSweet? sounded tremendously great. Fortunately as it might have been expected, the band didn?t invite any so-called ?guest vocalist? to the stage to ruin ?BitterSweet?. As for the visual side of the band, well at least the band had got new seats looking like more wooden toilet seats. But in general they took the audience well and tortured their cellos as hard hands as possible by causing storms of applauses amongst the audience.

Primal Fear

Primal Fear was supposed to play as one of the headliners at the first Tuska event already back in 1998, when the whole festival thing was such a small event and was arranged in the local rock club. But how bloody typical Primal Fear?s appearance was cancelled in the last minute and was replaced by some Finnish band of course. It took app. seven years from these German power metal pentad to get to Finland. Now it was about time goddamn !!!  As far as Ralf Scheepers? look is concerned, well his shaved head, uber trained muscles, tight latex shirt with huge PF letters and of course hilarious looking flamepants was without any doubts more or less quite an amusing sight indeed. However the German bullet train metal squad had turned volume buttoms to the maximum level that the hair of anyone being in the tent rose up into the air when a whole bunch of powerful metallic straight forward played songs roared out of loudspeaker high and loud.
Ralf Scheeper took the audience already in the early stage of the set by making the crowd shout and encouraged them to hard?n?heavy banging.
Primal Fear?s set was an amazing power metallic firework from the beginning to the end, including a bunch of fast and furious songs picked from all the five PF albums. The five piece didn?t show mercy of any kind like slowing down the volume or the speed, instead Primal Fear is known for being a real vital and extreme loud live band as it was pretty obvious playing that kind of raging straight forward metal can?t be played with too soft hands at all.    
In the mid of the set drummer Randy Black all of a sudden ran across some technical problems when one of his toms got broken and Scheeper was forced to entertain the audience by making them yell and having a quick small talk. Some other minor technical problems appeared with the guitars.
In general the German power metal combo should make another visit to Finland in order to have a longer playing time without facing any technical problems as the less than 60 minute playing time wasn?t definitely not enough for the Finnish metal freaks.  

Final Embrace
Battalions of Hate
Suicide and Mania
Under the Spell
Angel in Black
Running in the Dust
Nuclear Fire
Metal Is Forever



Monster Magnet

Hmmm kinda eccentric choice to have Monster Magnet as a headliner of the first day of the festival ?cos they didn?t fit to the true metal concept 100 % by any manners what Tuska stands for. But however there were a lot of people digging that kind of groove rock oriented with some stoner elements mixed in the audience. But it was quite expected there would be a massive exodus of people leaving the area when Monster Magnet cockrocked on the main stage. Monster Magnet came out by starting with ?Dopes to Infinity? and was followed by a plenty of ass kicking MM material. It has to be admitted the four piece combo rocked damn hard even thought the vocalist Dave Wyndorf occasionally handled the guitar responsibilities due to the guitarist Phil Caivano had dismissed the band earlier, but basically Dave enjoyed more entertaining the audience by walking all around on the main and posing in the macho way. Monster Magnet did a solid and tight rock show and even the sound policy had been increased to another level of the decibel a little bit. Surprise or not the whole gig was concluded by one of the famous MM songs titled Space Lord. To be honest Monster Magnet could have been placed somewhere as there would have been other bands having filled up this headliner spot of the first day damn easily.

Dopes To Infinity
Elephant Bell
Twin Earth
Third Alternative
Zodiac Lung
The Right Stuff
Radiation Day
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Space Lord



Last Updated ( September 18, 2005 )

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