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CHILDREN OF BODOM, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum @ HMV Forum, London PDF Print E-mail
Written by UK Team   
April 23, 2011

CHILDREN OF BODOM, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum @ HMV Forum, London

9th April 2011

Review: Danny Draper

Tonights gig is a big’un! Two top draw bands at the top of their game; in my humble opinion, and a band that I've heard of, but never had the pleasure. What a pleasure tonight was though!


These guys were awesome, a great start to the evening.


The one thing about this band, is that they are tight.


The music is intense and permeates your senses with folky chants that will get your fists pumping in the air.


Playing only six songs, they manage to quickly sucker punch us into thinking they’re the headliners.



Opener From Afar and the chanting Ahti are absolute excellence.


The sound tonight is great though wobbly in places.


It did feel as though there wasn’t enough guitars on one side of the stage, but they plough through and end the set as ferociously as they began, there was no let up from them!

Amorn Amarth

Having seen these dudes before, I had high expectations tonight...


They did not disappoint!


Playing some fresh songs from their latest album also mixed in with the old classics like Guardians of Asgaard and Varyags of Miklagaard.


The giant that is singer Johan Hegg, commands the floor, though the crowd already knows the drill.


Headbanging aplenty to Twilight of the Thunder God and supping from the mead horn, Amon Amarth blitz the crowd and the sound is immense;


It’s hard to think how this could be topped.

Children of Bodom

But it can! The mighty Children of Bodom stroll on to the stage with an assured swagger and composure.


Opening to Not My Funeral, they play a set that features a lot of cuts from the new album, Relentless Reckless Forever...


...but not without playing some stone cold classics in the shape of Children of Bodom Angels Don’t Kill and Follow the Reaper.


Its an amazing set, featuring guitar keyboard trade-offs and some amazing lead work, Alexi is pretty damn close to becoming THE guitarist of this generation.


I think the amazing thing about this band that has happened since I last saw them in a supporting role is that they have become a great headlining act.


Their confidence can sometimes be misread as ignorance but you cannot deny their ability, prowess and damn coolness!


Finishing with an encore of new single Was it Worth It? And Hate Crew Deathroll to close, they leave the crowd thoroughly entertained. Tonight has been a volcano of talent and entertainment, spewing forth from the stage.


If only all gigs could be this good with this amount of quality bands, I would recommend all of these bands to anyone. Top night!

Last Updated ( April 27, 2011 )

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