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SHINING & ENTHRONED @ The Underworld, London PDF Print E-mail
Written by UK Team   
December 02, 2010

@ The Underworld, London 25th October 2010

Review by Alex Agamoth

Photos Altercarnated Photography

It is definitely weird going to a gig on a Monday evening, but as I've managed to miss both these bands many times before, I was keen to enjoy every second of this gig!  

Enthroned have slashed everyone with their fierce Belgian black metal, proving that their satanic obscurity isn’t at any point to its end.

Nornagest has unholy blessed everyone through his unearthly hellish performance. He proved his dedication to a pure satanic way of life expressed in music.

Enthroned showed possessing perfect musicianship, not a note was wrong, nor was any one disappointment. Their forty five minutes set was indeed a powerful, fast and hell aggressive to the pure core of traditional satanic black metal a real must see again.


Having met Niklas Kvarforth at the merchandising stand has been quite a surprise, given his introvert and suicidal personality, was like setting the mood to what was about to hit everyone in the audience.

Shining were perfect on time on stage and all the Scandinavian coldness and darkness has been unleashed like a slow frozen mist crawling into anyone souls, mind and heart, since their first note.

It is way too simple by just saying they were amazing, in fact I must say they were mesmerizing. As anyone was expecting Mr. Kvarforth has unleashed his inner darkness by slashing his right forearm and like the sickest surgeon ever being on this forsaken plant, with his black rubber gloves, allowed few punters to taste his on blood.

His anger got triggered when a silly woman interrupted him during his own ritualism, she got thrown off stage by Niklas himself irate by such annoyance, honestly she did deserve it all!


None the less his musicians have slayed everyone with full on intensity, dark passion, great solos and unique sound, neither less to say the groove has led the audience to violent moshing, proving that a band doesn’t need to be always the fastest to generate feelings of any kind.

Of course our death fearless Niklas had to achieve the edge of self harming, stimulating, his intestines and throwing up a grey revolting mucus for the joy of the front row.

Pure Nordic Black Metal at its best ever! It was a unique enjoyment, a band that has to be experienced to understand its dark beauty of black death. 

Last Updated ( December 06, 2010 )

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