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Shining / Enochian Crescent - Helsinki Finland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arto Lehtinen   
March 07, 2010




Shining and Enochian Crescent

Dante's Highlight

The 11st of Febraury

Helsinki Finland


Shining has gained the ultimate reputation for being a controversial band on stage because of their frontman’s, Niklas Kvarforth’s, dominating and unforgettable performances at several gigs.  Of course, Kvarforth’s  interviews have created a cult  myth surrounding Shining. Shining has increased and become more and more known amongst black/dark metallers who worship the beauty of the music of Shining. The music is genius, a combination of beauty and brutality. Shining delivered the show that every fan had hoped for.


The domestic long time black metal combo Enochian Crescent had the privilege to open the night with intense dark/black-ish metal creating the proper atmosphere when the singer appeared on  stage with a long sleeve jacket and pale white face. Enochian Crescent offered all in all an excellent dissection of their material by covering the older to new stuff. The vocalist’s dominating and eye-catching corset gave kind of a weird and twisted impression of the world of Enochian Crescent – something evil, something purity and something desecrating. The front-man is known for having the habit of cutting his chest with scissors. The gig was evil and mean from the beginning to the end, blood split and finally the stage was entirely covered by plumes that the guitarist of EC with others staff tried to sweep away.  


01) Intro
02) Tatan
03) Tango Absinto
04) Abaiuonin
05) A Mathilde
06) Lyijysiipi
07) Black Flame Of Satan Burning
08) Mid-intro
09) Grey Skin
10) Tuhkaa
11) Hendekagrammaton
12) Black Church
13) Ghost Of Saturn
14) Muisto Kasteesta
15) Outro

_MG_2237.JPG _MG_2250.JPG

Shining kicked the set off after a short delay, which was quite expected after the cleaning process of the stage. The mastermind of the band arrived at the stage with a bottle of booze in his hand. Shining and Kvarforth’s appearance on the stage created the spellbound feeling in the crowd. At least one in attendance got a warm hugging from Kvarforth in the early stage of the gig. The band sounded tight and extremely well from the beginning to the end. The set offered a nice balance of the older stuff and of course the material from the upcoming album. However the mighty HALMSTAD album has definitely carved the immortal marks to the metal scene as for example   Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra got big cheers.

_MG_2286.JPG _MG_2288.JPG

Problems started occurring when some objects were thrown at the stage and obviously aimed at the frontman. The gig was interrupted by the band and Kvarforth appeared to be more than pissed off. After a short and convincing speech the gig continued. The unexpected break definitely gave a boost to the band's aggression.


Occasionally the mastermind of Shining turned around to have a private self mutilation session. Finally his arms kept bleeding all the time. When the tour continues through Europe, blood will spill...and a lot.


01) Claws Of Perdition
02) Ytterligare Ett Steg Närmare Total Jävla Utfrysning
03) Vilseledda Barnasjälars Hemvist
04) Plågoande O'Helga Plågoande
05) Medley
06) Ohm - Sommar Med Siv
07) Submit To Self-Destruction
08) Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel
09) Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra


 _MG_2290.JPG _MG_2268.JPG



Last Updated ( March 09, 2010 )

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