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Hellfueled Guitarist Jocke Lundgren PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
July 09, 2005

Jocke from Hellfueled

Interviewed & Pictues by Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Ulrika Henriksson for help with the transcription of this interview.
Thanks to Sound Pollution for providing promopics for the interview.
Finally, a big thanks to Hobbe at Sound Pollution for setting up the interview.

I met up with Jocke from Hellfueled when they were support act to Mustasch in Malm? a few weeks ago. Hellfueled released their debut album VOLUME ONE last year and have also released an EP called MIDNIGHT LADY. I had a chat with Jocke and asked him about the band (who are a pretty new act to the public here in Sweden), about the album, the tour, etc. A longer interview with the band will be coming later this year when they release their new album. 


Why exactly did you choose to call the band Hellfueled, was it just in order to have a catchy name that was easy to remember?

We almost got sued twice because of our earlier band names so we got tired and wanted a different and special name, that?s when we remembered that we had an old song called Hellfueled and decided to call the band that.


Have the members in Hellfueled been a part of any other well known bands before joining Hellfueled?

No, none of the guys have been a part in any famous band before Hellfueled.

Your debut album VOLUME ONE came last year, what did the media think of it?

We have only got great respond regarding the album, it all have went beyond all expectations, in a good way of course.


You have, like many other bands, recorded your album in the infamous Studio Fredman located in Gothenburg Sweden, why that studio?

One of the biggest reasons was because we really like some of the earlier productions Fredrik have done with Spiritual Beggars for example.


How is it to work with the famous producer/musician Fredrik Nordstr?m?

It was great, Fredrik is a really special person.


Do you think you?re going to record your next album there as well?

We have recently recorded our next album there and it?s just because it?s such a nice place and we really like to work there.


Is VOLUME ONE released world wide? Do you have any numbers on how much the debut have sold?

It?s released in Europe, South America, Japan....well, pretty much the whole world, including Canada. The latest figures I?ve got was that the album have sold about 10.000 copies in Europe. The album will soon be released by NUCLEAR BLAST in the USA!


Why did you sign on for Black Lodge and do you think they have done a good job with your album?

They picked us, with thought of that we have released 7 self-financed demos before we signed on to them and the fact that we really have worked hard to get a deal we were really that it was a label like them  wanted to have us so we signed on for Black Lodge. You can never get enough exposure but I think they have done a good job.

How many albums are you signed for at Black Lodge?

That?s a secret between us and the label.


Have Hellfueled got a lot routine as a live act, have you done a lot of shows?

Lately we have been pretty busy but we haven?t done so much shows altogether.

At the end of last year you were support act to Europe on their winter tour, how did the Europe fans greeted you? Did they like your music?

It worked really well and it was great fun to tour with Europe, the fans greeted us real nice and I think we gained a lot of fans on that tour.


Have you played anywhere outside Scandinavia so far? If so where?

We was voted Best Newcomer of the Year in the German metal magazine Rock Hard so we played at the Rock Hard Magazine Festival, we are also going to play in Germany again during July, but besides that we haven?t done anything outside Scandinavia.


On your EP MIDNIGHT LADY you have featured two bonus tracks, did you have a lot of left over material from the debut?

No, we haven?t got any recorded material only old demo songs and pre-production stuff, but all that material are high quality stuff.


Has the video for MIDNIGHT LADY been picked up by any TV-stations or music channels?

It runs on the Swedish music channel Z-tv and Mtv?s Superrock, it?s also on heavy rotation on the German Mtv. 


How would you describe the kind of music Hellfueled plays?

I?d say it classic metal/hardrock in a heavier shape. On the new album I think we lean a bit more into the metal genre compared to the debut.

How did the earlier shows with Mustasch in Stockholm and Gothenburg went?

Eventhough we have played pretty early during the evening in both Gothenburg and Stockholm it has gone real great, and there were actually quite a lot of people despite the early hour, so it all have gone great.


What are the expectations on the Malm? crowd this evening?

We?re excited, we have never played here before so it can go either way, I?ll hope it goes well though.


Are there any current plans on when the next Hellfueled album is gonna come?

I can?t give you any exact date but I think it?s coming sometimes during September, all of the things are done except the cover and the mastering.


Can you reveal when the follow up album was recorded and what?s it called?

It was recorded during April 2005. The working title is BORN II ROCK...=)


Have you used Studio Fredman once again?

Yes its like family you know. We are a great team , us Fredrik and Patrik.


What can we expect musicwise? Does it sound anything like the debut album?

A little more metal I think, heavy and groovy stuff.


It seems like some people think that you have ripped off the sound of Ozzy?s album DOWN TO EARTH productionwise, how would you like to comment that?

Think its totally wrong, just listen and compare..


What are the plans for Hellfueled during the rest of 05?

First of all we?re going to get out our new album, then we all want to have a few weeks off before we start touring. We really like to bound for Europe this time and hopefully we can get out on the road as support act. We?re also going to do a video with director Roger Johansson, he?s done videos for Hammerfall. I think we?re going to release another single as well.


Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of

Shit, that was hard J, I want to thank everyone that send me nice and fun mail. And look out for our new album, if you liked the debut I?m sure you?re going to like this one as well.


Thanks for taking the time to answering my questions and good luck this evening.

Anytime! Thanks a lot to you too.


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Last Updated ( November 09, 2005 )

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