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Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave European Tour 2009 at The Rock Copenhagen, Denmark PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
August 11, 2009



Napalm Death
Time Waits For No Slave European Tour 2009
The Rock
25/6 – 2009


Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall








In the middle of June it was once again time for me to head over to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, to attend a show with the legendary inventors of grind-core Napalm Death. It has been almost a year since the last time I saw this band. Their newest studio album was unleashed at the beginning of this year and has the title TIME WAITS FOR NO SLAVE and the band is currently out promoting that album. The act All Shall Perish were supposed to open for Napalm Death this night but due to sickness did they cancel the show and was replaced by a Danish act.

The show was held at The Rock, the hottest hardrock/metal club in Copenhagen. Even though I was a little late I caught up with the members earlier during the day and as always the guys were really nice and took the time to chat with me. So I spent a little time talking to Embury and Herrera before the show. The closer it got to the doors opening the more people showed up and a long line formed outside. It seemed like Napalm Death has a really solid and loyal fanbase in Denmark, and I did recognize a few Swedes in the line as well. Shortly after 8:00 the doors opened.

Most people inside stood at the back beside the bar looking at the opening act that kicked off their show at about 21.00. they played for about 40 minutes and no one was happier than me when they went off stage. During the opening act performance more and more people showed up at the club and about 10:30 it was time for the legendary Birmingham boys to take the stage.



Napalm Death


Mark “Barney” Greenway – lead vocals
Mitch Harris – guitar, background vocals
Shane Embury – bass
Danny Herrera - drums

climbed on stage and the audience went crazy and the cheers reached the roof when the band kicked off the show with “Strong Arm” shortly followed by “Unchallenged Hate” after which Greenway wondered how Copenhagen was doing this night. He said “we're Napalm Death from Birmingham England if you didn't know that and if you're here to see anything else you have come to the wrong place tonight”. The audience kept on screaming and cheering and Greenway thanked everyone for coming out to The Rock to listen to Napalm Death. The show continued on with “Suffer The Children” and Greenway ran around on stage acting like a madman. Everyone who's seen Napalm Death and Greenway live on stage knows what I'm talking about. He sure has a personal and special moving pattern on stage that Greenway.




Greenway continued the evening with announcing “Silence Is Deafening” which was taken from the album THE CODE IS RED LONG LIVE THE CODE. A spontaneous mosh pit occurred just in front of the stage and more and more people soon joined the fanatics in the pit. Greenway announced that more songs from TIME WAITS FOR NO SLAVE were gonna come in the shape of “Life And Limb” and “Diktat” before it was time for another old song in “When All Is Said And Done”.

Greenway said that “we all know who George Darwin was and that he had made a few evolutionary findings”. Well, Greenway continued with saying that “it doesn't matter who we are, if we are a boy or a girl, black or white or yellow or that it doesn't matter what sexual preferences we have, nothing can stop us from becoming what ever we want to be. But sadly today we have something that we like to call “It's A Man's World”.  Then followed “On The Brink Of Extinction” and the title track from the band debut album “Scum”.






Even though Greenway talked quite a lot in between the songs but the tempo didn't suffer. These older gentlemen play much faster and edgier than many younger bands. And it was only for me to lean back and enjoy another brilliant show by the masters of grind core. “Life?”, “The Kill” and “Deceiver” followed and by then people started to go up on stage to the band. But the members didn't mind at all, they continued playing and when Greenway thought it was enough he just pointed on the people on the stage and they jumped down to the floor again. “You Suffer” and “Mass Appeal” followed before it was to fire a cover of the Dead Kennedys song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” and the entire venue went completely ballistic. Greenway said that Nazis ain't nothing to care about, most Nazis grows out of it sooner or later, true!.


And with that was it almost time to close the show. Greenway said that the band loved to be on stage in Denmark and that they wanted to come back real soon. The show ended with the amazing songs “Time Waits For No Slave” and “Siege Of Power”. The show lasted for about 80 minutes with no encores. And as always Napalm Death showed that they are the godfathers of grind. No other act can do what these guys do. They are the undisputed kings of grind-core.

It was a strong set-list and I have nothing bad to say about the lighting or the sound either. It was an amazing night and and with this booking The Rock once again cements their position as the number one hardrock/metal club in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Strong Arm
Unchallenged Hate
Suffer The Children
Silence Is Deafening
Life And Limb
When All Is Said And Done
It's A Man's World
On The Brink Of Extinction
The Kill
You Suffer
Nazi Punks Funk Off
Time Waits For No Slave
Siege Of Power

Huge thank you to the head off The Rock Nils Kroyer for help with press/photo pass. And a salute to the friendly staff at the club.

More info about the band



Last Updated ( August 12, 2009 )

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