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Vocalist Emil from the new Swedish band Nerved PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
June 17, 2005

Nerved is a new act, at least to me, from Stockholm, Sweden. I got the chance to make an interview with their lead singer Emil and here is what he has got to say about the band, their music and their future.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Promo pictures provided by the band and taken by: M?rten Levin

Hello Emil, would you please like to tell us a bit about Nerved, like what you been up to until now, a bit about the members and so on?

Hi Anders! Well?Nerved has been together in this line-up since the end of 2000. We?re all different kind of guys with different kind of musical tastes that got together and discovered?that we actually worked well together and we?re happy ever after. Marcus Hanser is the guitarist, a very special person, Magnus ?Rasta? Stenvinkel is the bass player, also very special as a person and not forgetting Bj?rn ?Stolf? Lundberg on drums; he?s so special that I don?t know what to say! And me?well I?m just ?strange. Anyway?we?re all from different schools in the rock and hardrock territory and I feel you can hear that on the album. Rasta is the Soundgarden and Tool guy, Marcus is the Deep Purple meets Massive Attack guy, Stolf loves bands like Gong and other strange fusion kind of noises while I?m more into the basic rock ?n? roll like AC/DC, Nazareth, Status Quo etc. Half a year after we started to play as a band we got an offer from ?Hyresg?stf?reningen? (The Tenants Association) who wanted to use our then very new song ?Believe In Me? in their commercials on TV and cinemas. We said ? of course ? yes! The money started to roll in from them hiring the chorus from that song and we could invest in our own studio equipment and while the year was going to another year they wanted to keep the song and hired it another year..and then another. And now they have it until 2008! We got the opportunity to record our own CD and we started out in late 2002, it took two years to complete, because we really wanted to be satisfied with the result, but now when ?Off Line? is out we can see that it was worth the wait?we?re getting rave reviews from everywhere!!!





Have you done a lot of touring or live shows be for you released your first CD?

Some?but not so many?yet! When the album was released we did a Swedish tour with legendary Nazareth. That was a blast I tell you! We have just done a gig at the 20:th anniversary of Hard Rock Caf? in Stockholm together with another great Swedish band called Mustasch. Some gigs are in the pipe line but I can?t tell you exact info as of yet.



How old are you guys and have any of the members played in other bands previous to Nerved?

We?re absolutely too old for this kind of thing?.and due to the fact that we even can?t play our instruments that well leaves us to the question why on earth the world wants us? I guess we have something other bands don?t! And about other bands?yes, we?ve been around doing everything from melodic rock till very strange noises! But nothing well known?.or?eh?I was doing the choir on ?Rock The World?, a song that was on an album that went top 5 with techno dance music project Waldos People in Finland. But that?s another story! And no, I never got paid?!!!



I?ve read that you released your debut OFF LINE on your own label called Sph?re de feu, why did you do that? Was it because lack of interest from other labels or was it just for the experience of making it?

We never searched for a record contract! We got the money rolling in from the commercial on TV so we decided to do it ourselves. We are our own bosses and decide things what?s best for the band. I think you will see many bands doing like we do in the coming time?as the record companies only puts money into the ?safe? artists these days. We have just changed distribution from Sony to Universal and we feel the future will be interesting..




Are you the only act on the label and in Sweden it?s released on license by MMS Records, is it available outside of Sweden as well?

MMS have a very broad catalogue of strange artists and we feel that Niklas B?ck who runs the company is a good guy and he think we are good guys too so we are very happy doing this with him. As for Sph?re De Feu it?s our own label (it?s French for ?fireball?) and Nerved is the only act at this moment. As for releasing the album outside of Sweden the answer is ? at this moment ? no. BUT we hope to release it outside of Sweden this coming fall. We have always wanted to tour Germany! And why not Brazil! And the States?we have plans I tell you! But the music market is in crisis at this moment, we hope to have a chance in the coming period! As for now outside Sweden residents can buy the album from our website to a reasonable low price!



When was ?Off line? released and have you read any reviews of it? What have the press to say about it?

It was released in Sweden on the 17:th of November last year, just prior to the Nazareth tour. The reviews?.let me tell you we are having rave reviews from all over the place! We?re getting different comments about what it sounds like all the time. Everything from Audioslave ? sounding to bands like ?Krokus. So?it all comes back to our different influences. It?s a very modern sounding album but some people feel it sounds like the 70:s kind of bands and some people think it sounds like Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age etc so it?s very hard to put a ?stamp? on it, and that?s exactly what we wanted to achieve! But we do thank all the reviewers worldwide for liking the album so much!



How long did it take to write and record ?Off line??

As I said earlier it took two years! It?s just because we are picky and all have at this moment day jobs so we recorded it when we could get away.



Why have you called the band Nerved? What?s the story behind that name? And what?s the story behind the title ?Off line??

Well Anders..that?s a long story! But we thought the name ?Nerved? fitted our sound, it?s the ?nervy? side of all of us in the band?we?re kind of cool and glad guys when we?re not together! But when we actually get together we are NERVED man! And also the web address was unoccupied. And we all know everything starts from the net these days?and about ?Off Line? the thing is that we are always ?online? through our website, but this is what you get when you are ?off line? and want to know how the band sound like?type!



I?d call your music for riff oriented 70?s hardrock, you are calling it concrete rock, would you like to develop what kind of music you play, how would you describe it?

Our music sounds like coming from a concrete mixer! It?s everywhere and it may take a lot to really understand our concrete mix! But when you do so, you fall in love?hopefully!



Now that the album are out in the stores do you have any plans on going out on tour this summer? Are you booked for any festivals during the summer?

No tours at this moment. We take one step and see where this road will take us. And our promotion manager are very picky with the gigs! And the rest of the band are very lazy! Seriously, we?re awaiting the album to be released outside of Sweden as there seem to be a lot of interest for us outside of Sweden..!!!



Are you content with the cover of the album? What?s the thought behind that? Myself I think it looks a bit like a cover to a pop album, but that?s just my opinion.

Everyone has an opinion! We didn?t want a black sleeve with shaved guys doing the devil sign and have an unreadable logo. We like it when it looks good! And some discomfort!  While we?re on the subject I can now also tell you that all the guys in the band play in black costumes when we?re doing gigs and showing us outside!




Have the guys in the band got any role models or idols that you look up to and that have inspired you within the music scene?

Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Weird Al Yankovic and ?.Modern Talking are all big influ?
No, really?we have our influences and they are as I said before so many and so different from one another, so I can just speak for myself and say that I was born and raised on Nazareth?s rock n roll. To tour with them was of course a dream coming true, as I started out because of them. And yes, Dan McCafferty drank me under the table on the last tour!



With though of you playing riff oriented hardrock, why have you only one guitarist? Don?t you think that adding another one would give the music more strength?

The guitarist is both dumb and jealous so that won?t work out.



You have written a song to honor the victims of the Tsunami flood in Asia last year called ?Seize the day? is it available as a single or can you only download it from your website?

You can at this moment only download it from our site! The background to this song is that everyone in the band knew someone who was down there when this happened. As an example our co-producer on ?Off Line? brother was found dead. It was such a big disaster for so many people worldwide, so this was the least we could do. Every penny goes directly to the Red Cross.



Do you receive a lot of fan mail are there a lot of fans that visit your website daily?

No one cares for us?except for all the music magazines and reviewers!





What does the future hold for Nerved during 05?

We?ll soon start working on new songs for our next platinum selling album, do some more gigs, but releasing ?Off Line? outside of Sweden is the main goal right now.
All the members in the band will also go a gardening course.
One other thing I just did was going to U.S.A. and recorded three tracks with original guitarist and songwriter of Nazareth: Manny Charlton! This was another dream coming true! Expect either the tracks on Manny?s new solo album released late this summer or on a band project, something called ?Gammeltoft/Charlton? or whatever. We haven?t decided yet how to put the songs out! But they will come out and it may be some eyebrows who will be raised I promise you! It was my first visit to U.S.A. and would like to do it all again very soon?hopefully on tour or recording or?whatever!



Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of

Eh?.Metal Rules!



Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

It?s been a pleasure!



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Last Updated ( June 18, 2005 )

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