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Grave, Sotajumala,, Delirium's Order : The 6th of May 2005 Club Underground, Kouvola Finland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arto Lehtinen   
June 07, 2005

Grave, Sotajumala, Delirium?s Order
The 6th of May 2005
Club Underground, Kouvola Finland

The Swedish old school death metallers Grave emerged thru Finland in May by doing a small tour along with a couple of  Finnish outfits as opening acts. The tour stopped by to a small club named Club Underground in a small town called Kouvola, the club itself was a normal looking bar, but the gig had been set out in the damn tight and sweaty basement of the bar where app over 100 people had crawled to feel the brutality of death metal. The stage was also quite small and narrow leaving not that much for musicians to move there. But the atmosphere in the small basement was definitely metal as there were a couple of distributors selling their own and the dj played mainly the brutal death/black metal during the whole evening ala Bestial Mockery?.

Delirium?s Order kicked the night off in front of a couple of dozens of maniacs. The band had just lost the vocalist in the brutal deadly stabbing case. So all the respect and a hat off to the band having a lot of guts to go on and not to cancel or postpone gigs. Instead the vocalist of highly acclaimed DeathChain had been recruited to handle the vocal duties. Unfortunately I am not that familiar with the stuff of Delirium?s Order, but however DeathChain?s vocalist more death/thrash styled grunts fitted to the material perfectly and in general his massive appearance was absolutely impressive.

Holy shit Sotajumala was without any doubts the most brutal act of the night for sure. The wargods delivered one of the most savage asswhipping set causing a real ballistic and brutal pit. The US style death metal ala Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse sunk to the audience totally. Anyone digging the brutal stuff in the vein of Suffocation or so on, should get a hold of Sotajumala. The vocalist took the audience by demanding more wilder pit on the floor, his growling can?t be compared to any other vocalists as he did it very deep that he must have suffered from a tremendous sore throat after all. The whole brutal energy and attitude what Sotajumala performed on the stage was tight and uncompromising?.At least people were totally beserk after the set?.

When Sotajumala had finished the nihilistic savage assault and after a small roadie break the Swedish death metal cult name Grave got on the stage to spread the more old school death metal maelstorm. For a weird reason there was an unexpected exodus of the crowd as all of a sudden a small basement was no longer any packed and looked quite empty. Damn posers so to say to all of them who left.


The old school death metal squad Grave was merciless, brutal in every aspect. Especially faster songs sounded and were generally better compared to the more mid tempo based ones. Grave?s set equally consisted of both the older material off from the first two classic albums. The newer material off from the last two albums got played for example Reborn, Rise but if I managed to follow the tracklist Grave kinda ignored HATING LIFE entirely, but whereas the older material got its prestigious delivery for example Morbid Way To Die, Into The Grave, You Will Never See belonged to the list. As to their live performance, frankly Grave was damn boring on the stage, but I didn?t mind cos I was more eager to hear the good old Swedish death metal.
Those people who decided to say to see Grave in action got a real lesson of the old school Swedish death metal indeed?..


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Last Updated ( June 07, 2005 )

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