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Thorium, Vicious Art and Spectral Mortuary live at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
March 05, 2008



Thorium – Release Party
Vicious Art – special guest
Spectral Mortuary – support act
The Rock
15/2 – 2008

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall











The first gig of 2008 for me took place at a very nice venue, The Rock, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a release party for the Danish extreme metal bangers Thorium who have woken up from a several year coma. Special guest this evening was the Swedish act Vicious Art andthe support act was another Danish band called Spectral Mortuary. All bands are signed to Might Music and Vicious Art went to Copenhagen to support their friends Thorium. My main purpose of the evening was to finally see Vicious Art which is a band that doesn’t often come my way and their amount of touring is very limited. Amongst the members in Vicious Art is the very well known Jörgen Sandström, ex- Grave and ex- Entombed.

When I arrived at the venue early in the day it was time for Vicious Art to sound-check so I had the chance to meet with the guys. Unfortunately Sandström wasn't with the band this evening because of sickness and I blamed my unlucky stars that I once again missed meeting the legendary man. The lack of Sandström were pretty huge, at least for me. The rest of the band was really nice and fun to talk to and were gonna tell Sandström that I was really disappointed he wasn’t there.

The line that led to the entrance was really short and it was probably the shortest queue I’ve ever seen outside The Rock. Even though there were as few people inside as outside the mood and expectation amongst the audience were really high.

The evening started when Thorium welcomed everyone for being there at their release party and at 11:00 it was time for the first band to enter the stage.

 spectral mortuary_logo_2.jpg

Spectral Mortuary

The band consists of:

Morten Jorgensen – lead vocals
Kristoffer Righolt – guitar
Morten Siersbaek – drums
Rune Koldby - bass
Jesper Hog – guitar

These guys are a new acquaintance for me. While the intro started, the band entered the stage and kicked off the evening with “Hogtied and Waiting”.  The set list was mainly taken from their brand new album called FROM HATE INCARNATED and the show opens with pure aggression, hate, brutality and insane speed. The band played for 35 minutes and used their time very wisely and treated us with pure and wonderful hate. 8 songs were played and the only negative with the intense and energetic performance was the sometimes shy band members but the small crowd loved it and applauded their fellow countrymen who did a great opening job on stage.





Hogtied and Waiting
Necrotic Flesh Cravings
Choked in Soil
Malignant Intensions
Manic Order
Prime Murder Suspect









Vicious Art

Vicious Art used the same instruments as Spectral Mortuary so the change went really fast. The lights went out and out came the amazing Vicious Art:

Jocke Widfeldt – lead vocals
Matti Mäkelä – guitar
Tobbe Sillman – guitar
Robert Lundin – drums
Linus Nirbrant – bass (session player, replacing Jörgen Sandström this evening)

And what better way to start off the evening than with the song “Murderer” from the brand new album. The music played was nothing other but fast, mean, heavy death metal and lead singer Widfeldt was a really charismatic front-man to say the least. Vicious Art gave a more solid and heavy appearance compared to the first act and they delivered a really tight set list.



All of the members moved across and around on the stage and Widfeldt and Sillman especially gave their all to the audience. The sound and the lighting worked in perfect harmony and it was great to see that The Rock had invested in a little better lighting system. The bands old school death metal felt a little more melodic live but it was still just as heavy as ever. Because Sandström weren’t there to take care of the growl parts Sillman did them and to be honest he didn’t deliver as strong as Sandström uses to. But Sillman did a great job from his capability.




Vicious Arts new amazing album is titled PICK UP THIS SICK CHILD and it was from that album the band had collected most of the set-list. In fact all of the songs were from that album except “The Poet Must Die” which is taken from the debut as well as two songs from their EP WEED THE WILD called “Weed the Wild” and “Tanja Joins the Beating”. During the 45 minutes the band played they did 10 songs. I really hope that Vicious Art is gonna do a hell of a lot more touring because every fan of the band deserves to catch this brilliant act live.








Dancing Munchhausen
Our Family Flesh
Tombstone Grind
The Poet Must Die
The Paulina Paw Paintings
We’re Both Into Killing Me
Weed the Wild
The Topmost Violent God
Tanja Joins the Beating






Then it was time for the headline act to enter the stage. Thorium held a release party for their latest album FERAL CREATION and the band are:

MHA – lead vocals
Marcel – guitar
Nik – drums
KB –bass
Tvede – guitar

Before the show started MHA brought up a casket of beer and said to the audience to come closer the stage if they wanted free beer. The first song of the show was “Feral Creation” and just as with the rest of the bands it was full speed ahead from the beginning. MHA mostly thanked the people for being there and introduced the next song. The following song was an older track called “Abomination of God” and he continued to hand out beers to the crowd.

It seemed like the fans had waited for the band to perform for quite a while and everyone was really excited to see their heroes live and it looked like the band has a firm and solid fanbase in Denmark.

The set-list didn’t only include new songs but older classics like “Impaled”, “Gates of Utumno” and “Crest for War”. The band delivered a really solid and tight performance and it looked like the band had a really good time up on stage. Thorium sure delivered a solid show with a lot of highlights.





The show ended with the songs “The Lurker” and “Countless Ways to Die” and during this song came a guy up on stage and head banged together with MHA before he threw himself out in the audience.

I was given a high voltage fueled show by one of the better extreme metal acts from Denmark. I was extremely happy and satisfied when I left the venue to go to the train and Thorium’s brilliant music took me straight back to the glory days at the beginning of the 90’s when death metal peaked with bands like Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed. Thank you Thorium I love you! And if you are in Copenhagen and want to listen to good heavy metal music, head off to The Rock which is a really nice venue with great shows and nice staff.



Feral Creation
Epidemic Skeleton
Abomination of God
Into the Void
Gates of Utumno
Crest of War
The Lurker
Countless Ways to Die












Big and many thanks to Nils Kroyer at The Rock for help with press/photo pass. And a big thanks to the nice staff and security at the venue.

More info about the bands



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