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Anthrax / Testament / Death Angel: House of Blues, Atlantic City: October 6, 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Infamousbutcher   
November 09, 2012

Anthrax / Testament / Death Angel

House of Blues, Atlantic City
October 6, 2012

Review and pics by Infamousbutcher

Old school thrash metallers rejoice – this is a fucking great time to be a metalhead! ‘80s thrash metal is having a bit of a second renaissance now, with Big 4, the return of Joey Belladonna, Alex Skolnick, and David Ellefson to Anthrax, Testament, and Megadeth respectively, and new albums from each of these bands. This time last year, Anthrax announced they would be touring with Testament and Death Angel to support their new album, WORSHIP MUSIC. Back in 1987, Anthrax took Testament on their first European tour, so this 2011 – 2012 US tour was flashback to that classic time period. The Anthrax / Testament / Death Angel tour was so successful they added a second leg and a third leg. Tonight’s show in Atlantic City, NJ is the final show of the third leg. This is the last time to catch these thrash legends on the same bill.

House of Blues is a chain of theaters in the US, so several major cities have a House of Blues. The Atlantic City one is a good place for a metal show; large standing room area, good pit area, and a balcony with seats. Place has a weathered look despite the fact it’s not that old, I guess that is intentional. Sound quality is good and LOUD, in addition to this show I’ve been here before for Motorhead, Alice Cooper, and George Thorogood.


First up tonight is the San Francisco bay area’s Death Angel, who have never gotten the exposure of other bay area thrash bands like Metallica, Testament, and Exodus. The legendary underground band made its mark in the late 80’s with THE ULTRA VIOLENCE, FROLIC THROUGH THE PARK, and ACT III. For most of the 90s they were broken up, but they have been back together and active since the early 2000s. Tonight is the 4th time I am catching Death Angel, who is promoting their latest album, RELENTLESS RETRIBUTION. Death Angel started to tear up the stage at 7:30 with a blistering rendition of “I Chose the Sky”! This is fucking thrash show people! Singer Mark Osegudea was screaming all over the stage, whipping his long dreadlocks while banging his head. Mark is a great frontman who loves to fire up the crowd. Guitarists Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar were constantly moving, riffing, and shredding. Highlights of the 30 min set included the old “Mistress of Pain”, new track “Claws in So Deep”, and thrasher “Thrown to the Wolves”.



Up next is one of my favorite thrash bands, Testament. This is the 6th time I am seeing them, and the main reason why I am at the show tonight is because I wanna hear some stuff from their awesome new album DARK ROOTS OF THE EARTH!  Chuck, Eric, Alex, Greg, and Gene took the stage at about 8:30, blasting us with new track “Rise Up”. Chuck used a lower vocal for the song, making it heavier. Eric and Alex tore it up riffing and soloing and Gene is just a beast behind the kit. After the opener we got old favorites “The New Order” (The human race is now a race AGAINST TIME!) and “The Preacher” (DON’T FOLLOW THE PREACHER!), both of which sounded fucking awesome. Pit was good rollicking fun for those. Then we got two more new ones, “Native Blood” and “True American Hate”. Overall the set was good but the band wasn’t as together as they were the 2 previous times I caught this tour in Maryland (Nov’11) and New York (Feb’12). “Over The Wall” was particularly sloppy and muddy sounding. Chuck struggled with his higher vocals at times throughout the show, opting to go for a more guttural approach than he had at the two previous shows. Of the new songs I thought “True American Hate” and “Dark Roots of the Earth” were best. Pit was appropriately intense for the Testament ode to moshing, “Into The Pit” and “Practice What You Preach” always kicks ass. Encore was volcanic with searing renditions of “D.N.R.” (GOD SAVE ME NOW!), “3 Days in Darkness” (Eclipse of the sun!) and the final death knell, “The Formation of Damnation”.







At 10:20 “Worship” began playing as we gazed at the Anthrax backdrop, waiting for the thrash icons to bludgeon us! Opener was an ultra-heavy “Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t” which drove the pit into a frenzy! Joey was electric and commanding on stage and his vocals were dead on. I feel like he is a very underrated singer, he has more of a traditional heavy metal voice than most thrash metallers and is very dynamic with his range. Scott and Frankie provided killer backing vocals as they stormed about the stage and Charlie obliterated us with his drumming. I am really happy Charlie is back for this tour, he was replaced by Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner during the Mayhem tour over the summer and Anthrax just wasn’t as tight without him. Next we got the ultimate moshing song “Caught in a Mosh” and the pit got really nuts! Just you and me in our theater of hate!
Set was a mix of classics, new tracks, and rarities. “Antisocial” and “Indians” were great with good audience participation in both singing and moshing. During one of those a crowd surfer landed on my head when I wasn’t looking; my neck is still sore 2 weeks later! That’s ok I don’t mind the metal mileage on my body! My favorites of the night were the old “Deathrider”, PERSISTENCE OF TIME track “In My World” and the John Belushi tribute “Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)” (NICE FUCKING LIFE!). Encores were killer versions of “Got the Time”, “Madhouse”, and the Judge Dredd classic, “I Am the Law” (CRIME – the ultimate sin!). Overall good set, energy level wasn’t quite as good as it was on the first leg of the tour and I was hoping to get “Among the Living” again. Tonight was my 10th Anthrax show. Thank you so much trash metal gods Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel for this killer thrash tour! Here’s hoping Anthrax and Testament put out a live album / DVD of the tour, like Anthrax / Megadeth / Slayer / Metallica did for Big 4!  






Death Angel set list

1.    I Chose the Sky
2.    Mistress of Pain
3.    Truce
4.    Claws In So Deep
5.    Relentless Revolution
6.    The Ultra-Violence
7.    Thrown to the Wolves

Testament set list
1.    Rise Up
2.    The New Order
3.    The Preacher
4.    Native Blood
5.    True American Hate
6.    More Than Meets the Eye
7.    Dark Roots of Earth
8.    Into the Pit
9.    Practice What You Preach
10.    Over the Wall
11.    D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
12.    3 Days in Darkness
13.    The Formation of Damnation

Anthrax set list
1.    Fight 'Em Til You Can't
2.    Caught in a Mosh
3.    Antisocial
4.    Indians 
5.    In the End
6.    The Devil You Know
7.    Deathrider
8.    In My World
9.    Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
10.    Got the Time
11.    Madhouse
12.    I Am the Law


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