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Carlos M. Llanas
Staff Writer


I am responsible for interviewing bands and reviewing CD/DVDs.  I generate questions for the answers that you, the reader, would like to know.  I try my best to give you the info you are looking for.  

Current albums I'm rocking out to (not in order)
Lizzy Borden-Visual Lies
Venom-Welcome to Hell
Riot-Privilege of Power
Judas Priest-Point of Entry
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time
Blind Guardian-Battalions of Fear
Saxon-Strong Arm of the Law
Running Wild-Under Jolly Roger

Classic Pick
Judas Priest-Rocka Rolla

Recommended Reading
H.P. Lovecraft's Dream Cycle

Recommended Viewing
Lemmy Documentary

Extended Profile

Nickname: Kreatorkill

Real Name: Carlos Llanas


Age: 26

Birthplace: Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Current Location: Austin, Texas

First into Metal: 1991 (I was six years old)

First Album: Krokus-Headhunter

First Cassette: Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeance (My uncle gave it to me)

First CD: Masters Of Metal compilation

First Concert: Dio in Corpus Christi, Texas at the Center Theater.

Favorite Genres: Traditional Heavy Metal.  Nothing beats it..and nothing ever will. Also, thrash (german thrash) and Power Metal.

Least Favorite Genres: Metalcore, Hardcore, pretty much anything "Core".  NU metal, Alternative, and Grunge all suck too.

Metal Related Background:

I've been listening to metal all of my life.  I was immediately captivated by Metal when I was very young and still living in Mexico.  I remember some of the first songs I've ever listened to were Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills, Judas Priest's Hellion/Electric Eye, Krokus's Russian Winter, and Accept's Balls to the Wall.  When I came to the U.S. at the age of eight I already had an understanding of what it was and I knew I loved it.  I remember riding my bike to my friends house who lived two houses down, and uppon arriving, I remember hearing his dad listening to some metal in his garage while he was fixing his car.  He showed me more Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest albums, Scorpions, and also other Accept albums I had never heard before.  I was hooked; I was mesmerized by the screaming sound of the guitars in all the Maiden and Priest albums.  I loved it so much I began to play guitar myself.  From then on I discovered bands like Helloween, Running Wild, King Diamond, Kreator, anything Thrash, NWOBHM, Power and Speed Metal.  Throughout my teenage years I went to as many shows as I could possible, and eventually joined a thrash band named Hammerwhore.  The band gave me an opportunity to experience the live aspect of heavy metal shows.  Now I am in Cruxiter with all of the same members of Hammerwhore, plus another guitarist.  We are in the midst of releasing our debut album so stay tuned for more details! 

I spend most of my time with my wife and writing for I also like to drinking beers with my metal brothers Robert Williams (Witches Mark, Metal-Rules senior staff writer) and Andy Gonzalez  (Hammerwhore, Cruxiter, Witches Mark).  If there is a parking lot and beer then we are there to crank up the metal and get trashed!

Hobbies: Metal-Rules, Playing guitar, Drinking Beers, Call of Duty, and more beer.

Tattoos: On my left arm I have Eddie off of "The Trooper" single holding a mexican flag (instead of the british flag) and in the maiden font it says "Maiden Mexico". On my right arm I have the "Screaming vor Vengeance" album cover. On my right forearm I have the Running Wild Mascot. and on my left forearm I have the Helloween logo. \m/

The best thing about working with Metal-Rules:  I get to meet some of my all time favorite musicians who inspired me to play music.  I get to see some killer shows with awesome perks (backstage passes, etc.) I have my dream job here with

Worst thing about working with Metal-Rules: The deadlines!!!  I work a full-time job, a band, a family, and sometimes it's hard to get all the work that I want done, but the trick is to take it day by day and do as much as humanly possible. It's metal or nothing.  Also, sometimes you deal with alot of shit when you're out at a show and you're trying to get the interview in.  At times, the tour manager won't return your calls, the band is running late, your name isn't on the list, you run into these types of problems once in a while and it's up to us to make it work.  Not every artist is going to appreciate it, they have their own problems on the road so it's understandable, but it still sucks when you get an agitated artist.

Day Job:  I work at a warehouse here in Austin, Texas.  My co-workers rule and I enjoy it.  I get paid well and get to listen to metal all day, so it works out for the best.

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

Favorite Drink: Dos Equis, Modelo, Tecate, 40oz of Olde English \m/

Least Favorite Drink: Bitch drinks (fruity drinks)

Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead

Which song should be played at your funeral? Iron Maiden's Flash of the Blade

Final Comment:  Metal will live on forever.  Crush all who oppose us.
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