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Interview with Jordi Sandalinas
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
April 08, 2005

Interviewed by Anders Sandvall. 

Thanks to Hobbe at Sound pollution for help with the interview.
Thanks to Stephan at Massacre Records for getting me in contact with Sandalinas.
Promo pictures provided by Massacre Records.

Jordi SANDALINAS is an up and coming guitarist that currently released his debut with his selftitled band/project SANDALINAS. His originally from Spain and I got curious on what SANDALINAS had to say about his new album, about the band/project and what he has done prior to SANDALINAS so I took the chance to interview him and here are his answers.

Last Updated ( April 10, 2005 )
Assassin Interview with Michael Hoffman
Written by Arto Lehtinen   
April 01, 2005

In the 80?s when thrash ruled the world bands popped up all around. Especially in Europe where German got a dominating role what comes to having the outstanding thrash metal scene. Sodom, Kreator and Destruction have already become and gained the legend status in eyes of every extreme metal fan. But besides the unholy triangle of the thrash names, the German thrash metal scene had a lot of great bands to offer which remained more on the ug and cult status level and released a couple of albums and vanished around the change of the decade. Assassin used to be one of those bands having released two albums and was forced to withdraw until a couple of years ago Assassin got back  together and did a real metal thrashing mad set at Wacken.  Assassin?s guitarist Michael Hoffman (who was on Sodom?s Better Off Dead) quickly answered my questions?


Last Updated ( April 03, 2005 )
Cromonic - Ex-FRETERNIA members return in new band
Written by EvilG   
March 24, 2005


Ex-FRETERNIA members return in new band

An interview with lead guitarist Patrik von Porat
and vocalist Pasi Humppi

Interviewed by EvilG

For FRETERNIA fans waiting to hear news about what some of the band members are now doing there is good news. That good news comes in the form of the new band CROMONIC. This Swedish band consits of: Patrik von Porat - Lead guitars, Tomas W?ppling - Rhythm guitars, Bo Pettersson - Bass, Pasi Humppi - Vocals, and Ronny Milianowicz - drums. All except for Ronny (current drummer for Dionysus) were at one time or another in Freternia. However, don't let this fool you, this new band is not planning on being Freternia part 2, but plans to stand on their own with their own style and sound. I spoke with both Patrick and Pasi recently about their new band, Freternia, other bands they are involved in, etc. Enjoy!


Last Updated ( March 24, 2005 )
Strapping Young Lad: ALIEN CD Release
Written by Lord of the Wasteland   
March 23, 2005

ALIEN CD Release

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Scrape Records
Vancouver, BC  Canada

***Live Report & Pics by Lord of The Wasteland.  Other pics courtesy of Seventh Frame Photography.

Last Updated ( August 25, 2005 )
Pete Ahonen of Ghost Machinery
Written by Rick   
March 23, 2005

An Interview with Guitar Player and Vocalist Pete Ahonen
Interviewed by Madman and Rick

Ghost Machinery is one of the many great new bands to find a home on Sound Riot Records. It is no surprise that they are also one of the shining new lights on the metal scene. Pete Ahonen (Burning Point) has put together a new unit that is set to take the metal world by storm.

Last Updated ( April 01, 2005 )
Blaze Bayley
Written by Marko Syrjala   
March 23, 2005

Interview and pictures by Marko Syrjala
Thanks to Duke for the Transcription

Blaze Bayley is probably best known for the wrong reasons because most people in the music world remember him only because of his brief period as the lead singer for Iron Maiden. However he has done a lot more during his long lasting career. Before Maiden he did several albums with Wolfsbane and after Iron Maiden he formed a new band called Blaze which last summer released their third studio album called "Blood and Belief". I was fortunate enough to meet Blaze before his performance at Wacken in 2004 and then we talked about Blaze, Wolfsbane and of course a little about Iron Maiden too? Here are the results of that nice conversation? enjoy!

Last Updated ( August 02, 2012 )
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