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Submission Guidelines

At the moment we have a decent sized team of writers so there are no openings for writers at the moment. That said, if you have a passion for REAL metal and can contribute a decent amount of exclusive material in the way of interviews, concert reviews/photos and CD reviews, e-mail us with some of your work and we can talk about it! We ask that the content you write for be unique to our webzine and not be found on other online sites!

Current Openings

If you know how to make databases act exactly like you want then here are some things we have in mind: a better poll system, enhanced news system, questionnaires/surveys,  etc..  All would need to be secure and password protected for administration online. If you are a god at ASP and have the time to help the metal cause then E-mail us and we can talk specifics.

UBB Programmer
Are you familiar with customizing UBB's? We've had some amount of customization done on ours. Check out the "who's online" feature, the enhanced ranking system of posters, and the stage graphic layout. Perhaps there is more customization we can add and you know just the thing? If so, E-mail us and let's hear your ideas!!

Graphics Guru
Are you a wizard with Photoshop? Can you design graphics that are beyond "text based"? Would you like to contribute anything to Show us some samples and if we think your style and ideas would FIT with what we do, we can talk! You will be credited for your work of course!

Your contribution to the metal cause would be to take an audio recording of a phone/in person interview and type in EXACTLY what is said. We would expect a decent turn around time on a transcription (5-7 days). The average number of interviews per month you may be asked to help with would be 3-5. E-mail us if you can help in this department!!!


Please note: All of us here at contribute our time and efforts for FREE. We donate our time out of our love and belief in HEAVY METAL!