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Please make sure you read this before ordering. It will most likely answer any questions you might have!

All orders are shipped from Canada. Shipping times obviously vary (i.e. depending on if you live in a major urban center, depending on if it's a holiday season, etc.) Orders shipped within Canada USUALLY arrive within a week. Mail from Canada to the USA will take a bit longer than that. The typical time we've noticed for orders to go from Canada to the USA is approximately three weeks. Sometimes it's less, sometimes a bit more.

Some people seem to think we all have a "magical postal service" that can get mail to anywhere in the world in about 5 days. That kind of delivery is called courier and costs a lot more money. So if people want courier delivery then the CD/shirt with shipping would cost about three times as much as it is listed. We wanted to make this clear because some people worry if their order does not show up in a few of days. We can't do anything to speed up delivery unless you want to pay for courier shipping. If that's the case, you'd better e-mail us before ordering. If your order does not arrive after 5 weeks then it's time to worry (orders around peak mail times such as Christmas might take this long to arrive though!). Since we've had this CD store online in 1999 there has been hardly been any lost mail. Those packages that did get lost were primarily sent to countries with a less than reliable mail service (South American countries anyone?).  Since we are a small organization and we hardly make any profit from this, we can not afford to offer replacements for stolen or lost packages. Once the goods are shipped and are into the hands of the postal service, it's THEIR responsibility to make sure your mail gets into your hands. If you have a problem with this, then you can pay extra for registered mail shipping and we will send it with the options for Delivery Confirmation & coverage for loss or damage. If you chose this method, e-mail us your order and we can give you the price for what this will cost.


  • You do not have to use a Credit Card to order from us (although it's of course faster). If you wish to order a CD but you do not have a credit card we will accept CERTIFIED CHEQUES or INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS in US funds. E-mail us for information!

  • All prices in Metal-Rules.com are in U.S. currency.



  • We never give out anyone's name, address, e-mail, etc...period!

  • PayPal is how we prefer to accept payment. It's fast, easy and secure. If you don't have a PayPal account, get one!!

  • Metal-Rules.com NEVER sees your credit card information. This is all handled through our service provider.

  • PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


  • All orders are shipped within 2-3 business days of receipt. Orders are shipped in bubble packed / padded  envelopes so that your goods arrive undamaged.

  • All orders are shipped via AIR MAIL which is faster than ground of course.

  • We, like you, are fans of HEAVY METAL. We're not some ominous corporate entity out to rip you off. We're doing this to help spread the word, to help expose some great metal bands, and to help pay for this site.

  • If you have any concerns or questions that you'd like answered before ordering please contact us and we'll get back to you right away.


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