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Darkness and Decay
September 2016
Released: July, Own
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I usually get sent albums to review before seeing the band live but I had already seen this band live a few times before investing in their latest album. Something I do as a I start listening to an album is to check out how many tracks there are and how long the CD runs for. Darkness and Decay runs for 51 minutes, 6 minutes longer than a C90 and could mean 6 minutes of filler for some bands.

Orpheum are a UK based female fronted metal band with symphonic influences but more gothic in style. Paradise Lost imagery, a sprinkling of Delain, a touch of Therion and some ethereal Anathema sounds. Vocals and keys are prominent in the mix, and this helps make the band just that bit different and more interesting than many bands in this sometimes over crowded market.

The guitar playing is exemplary, adding melody and atmospheric moods to the songs, playing short solos that I wished were a bit longer. Maybe that is the idea. I would prefer the guitar and bass to be a bit higher in the mix as this would have give the songs a bit more oomph. Again, maybe that was the idea as that may have affected the individual sound the band have.

Seeing the band live they also do what I wish more bands would do and put a stage show on. The dress for the part not just dressing in jean and t-shirts.

So what of the songs? They are catchy, listenable and the more you listen to them the more you hear. I am not going to pick out one song as I think this is an album to immerse yourself in and listen as a whole. Very enjoyable and it does pass the 45 minute test. No filler and all class.

Checking their website they have a few shows lined up, including one at The Roadhouse on Sunday 2nd Oct.
Track Listing



Erin Johnson - vocals,
Fin Thomson - guitar,
Mars Martin - keyboard & backing vocals,
Andy Thomson - drums,
Phillipe Dutra - bass

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