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Witches Mark
Witching Metal Ritual
September 2013
Released: 2013, Heaven and Hell Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After never hearing Witches Mark I was instantly but pleasantly surprised by the first track, “Bringers of heavy metal”. There is a huge approach of thrash within this song, it really shows what Witches Mark have to offer.

You are hit in the face with massive shredding hard guitar which immediately get you pumped for anything. As soon as the vocals hit my ears I was amazed that they sounded so familiar to “Iced Earth,”, there is even a hint of front man “Phil Anselmo” From Pantera/Down. his vocals are energetic, fast, and in your face.

When track two kicks in, you are instantly blown away by the fast percussion of the drumming and the powerful hard guitar solos. This song is defiantly one that the crowd could mosh too. Although this track still has the same approach to the instruments as “Bringers of heavy metal” the vocal work is outstanding and is on a whole new level. The way they open up this track just goes to show that they have many different approaches to making themselves stand out amongst the crowd. There is so much more to hear and experience from this band and I cannot wait.

You are welcomed with a different path to “Swarm” . the track has a hint of doom metal they open the track up with a slow start, which is then bought to life by the fast impact of vocals. This is my favourite so far on the album. The slow vocals show us what Rob Bockman is really made off, he can do the powerful vocals that many metal fans will get a sense of 80's metal from but then he opens up and there is a deep heavy voice. He is what makes this song. It goes to show that these guys know how to tear shit up.

When “We die” kicks in with loud powerful drum beats that are slow but have a huge impact, they bring in harsh vocals, which instantly makes this song interesting, as some bands cannot pull of the slow and very high approach, but Witches Mark have outdone themselves with this track. This is a head banging track, hard and slow. There is a surprise half way though when the singer starts to talk and this again creates a different feel to the track, this makes the track as it is completely different any of the other songs throughout this album.

After hearing the last two tracks I am welcomed by the heavy loud in your face that Witches Mark have to offer again. They finish off the album with heavy as fuck tracks that wake you instantly back up. But for the most part the album it hits the sweet spot between power and thrash where bands like Iced Earth, Sanctuary and Vicious Rumours tend to dwell. You hear this signature sound best on songs like “Cauldron Born,” “Salem’s Fire” and the title track, all of which are sure to get heads banging.

As a whole, this album is fast, impressive, deep and heavy; everything you want to hear in a metal band. These guys have proven that they can have more than once different approach to their music. This album is defiantly worth a listen too, you will be missing out otherwise. Witches Mark should be proud of themselves!

Reviewed by Rebecca Louis Brown
Track Listing

1. Bringers of Heavy Metal Death
2. Salem’s Fire
3. Swarm
4. Glaves
5. We Die
6. Cauldron Born
7. Witching Metal Ritual
8. Where None Can Follow


Robb Bockman- guitar/vocals
Robert Williams-guitar/vocals
Andy Gonzalez-bass
Scott Palmer-drums

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