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Dirty Dynamite
September 2013
Released: 2013, Sony Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Oooh yeah! It’s party time! Krokus are resurrected from their ashes and these dirty Swiss rockers turn heads this time. Influenced by the almighty AC/DC sound, this Swiss foursome releases a driving, aggressive, buzzing with energy, hard rock album. This historic band counts almost 37 years of hard rock’n’roll gives us unsparingly its latest elaboration.

In recent times, Krokus have been characterized by many as a copy of AC/DC since the characteristics of the famous Australians is scattered throughout every composition. They have not ever denied the love they have for the most leading group of hard rock music. Unfairly, this characterization goes on starkly, because although they based on the music of AD/DC, they have put some of their own elements into the compositions but certainly have been left behind in the time since the boogie style reminds us of the decade of the 70s where classic rock was booming for me.

Of course, we do not wait for them to prove or to bear out who they are and what they can do by releasing their 17th album. The opening title track, ‘Hallelujah Rock’n’Roll’, gonna lure you, shape you. There are some extra dirty, loud and dumb songs like ‘Go Baby Go’ and the lusty ‘Better Than Sex’. These songs are dirtier, heavier and nastier than those in previous releases. The following is in the same mood. Hard rock / hard rock 'n' roll compositions in three chords, mid tempo dynamic guitar riffs, uplifting feeling and many points that will bring Bon Scott and his gang to mind. As in any effort, however, they add their own touch and this is very evident and obvious. Overwhelming evidence in this record is the cover that have made the "Help" the Beatles who, by rapid synthesis of original creators, Krokus have done a bluesy ballad that will go associatively to south and music. And the most important is that many times if you heard exclamations: KROKUUUUSSSS!!!! This is one of the hidden virtues of shape, to assimilate the foreign element to their own.

Goddamn yeah! Marc Storace and his voice is a mix of Bon Scott/Brian Johnson lightly from early Udo Dirkschneider. So what? You do not listen to music of Krokus to learn the technical side, I liked it because it amuses. Perhaps that is why they themselves are doing everything they can to make them feel close to their fans.

I must give this album a thumbs-up. DIRTY DYNAMITE continues Krokus’s successful revival strategy of turning out technically outstanding their audience to take them too seriously. DIRTY DYNAMITE will trigger nostalgia in the devout, but inasmuch as the album reaffirms Krokus' power and strength, there is nothing backward-looking about it. At any rate, try this one and you gonna understand what dirty means!
Track Listing

1. Hallelujah Rock 'n' Roll
2. Go Baby Go
3. Rattlesnake Rumble
4. Dirty Dynamite
5. Let the Good Times Roll
6. Help!
7. Better than Sex
8. Dög Song
9. Yellow Mary
10. Bailout Blues
11. Live My Life
12. Hardrocking Man


Marc Storace Vocals
Chris von Rohr Bass
Fernando von Arb Guitar
Mandy Meyer Guitar
Mark Kohler Guitar
Kosya Z-Drums

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