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Angels And Demons
Power Fusion
September 2013
Released: 2013, SG Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m not sure if the band chose their name after the book, the movie or perhaps they just switched around the song title ‘Demons And Angels’ by Primal Fear, but either way it’s a good band name. Angels and Demons are a new band from Italy founded by experienced musicians who been in a number of other bands. Recently signed to SG Records the band has released their debut album POWER FUSION.

The ten-track album could best be described (as the album title implies) as a fusion of Metal and jazz. The album is primarily instrumental and although there are ten songs two of them are duplicated as vocal versions. POWER FUSION is an Italian prog fans dream. Boasting a stellar line-up of professionals, POWER FUSION boasts Alex Stornello who has been in the Italian Metal scene for ages dating back to some bands in the 80’s, like Axe Hero and X-Hero. Bassist Giorgio Terenziani brings a funky bass style to a number of the songs and he has also been in a number of bands over the years. Rounding out the trio is Arthemis drummer Paolo Caridi who brings some killer double kick to the song ‘The Riddle’. The guest vocalist on a couple of songs, ‘Clare Is Gone’ and ‘The Riddle’ is Gianbattista ‘Jan’ Manenti who recently rocketed to fame as the lead vocalist on two very well received albums by the German, Power Metal act Love. Might. Kill.

I realize that instrumental Metal, especially music that is complicated musically may not appeal to everyone but Angels and Demons do a good job of finding that balance between speed and Power and keeping the songs interesting. Oddly enough I hear another great power-trio in the influences of this band, namely Rush. Songs like ‘YYZ’ (MOVING PICTURES) or La Villa Strangiato (HEMISPHERES) would not be out of place on this record! My favourite cut is one of the fastest on the album called ‘Traffic Jam’ which is odd because traffic jams are usually slow! I can also hear hints of Joe Satriani as well in the guitar work.

POWER FUSION certainly has the credibility and song-writing skills to be more than just a one-time fun project for the members involved. However, even if they never continue on, POWER FUSION will remain a power example of state-of-the-art Italian Power/Prog.
Track Listing

01 Angels & Demons
02 When Money Talks Bullshit Walks
03 Traffic Jam
04 Clare is Gone (Vocal Version)
05 The Riddle
06 The Clarinet’s Pain
07 No Blues
08 Brasilia
09 Clare is Gone
10 The Riddle (Vocal Version)


Axel Stornello-Guitar
Giorgio Terenziani-Bass
Paulo Cadiri-Drums



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