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September 2013
Released: 2013, Folter Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Daumyra, Isvind’s latest offering, continues with much welcome grim and frosty black metal shenanigans. As we near close to 25 years of true Norweigan black (makes you feel old doesn’t it?), things in the genre are often stale, and coming out with a quality record 100% genuine to the original style is becoming an ever fading art, but that doesn’t mean the beast is extinct.

Just as they have been known for, here Usvind bring the same chaotic wash of sound of natural sound, but with their addition of rock n roll grit, and punk attitude and dirt. Filthy as the sound may be at times, it remains majestic and grand, but is kept on the ground with those nasty elements. There are few bands doing the old sound so much justice, and I feel it’s appropriate that one band doing just that hails from Norway. On the negative side, the vocals are quite weak, and not in a dying, croaky old man way either. This probably isn’t helped by their very low presence in the mix either, quite obviously a shabby attempt to hide their poor quality. With a name that translates into Ice Winds, you’d expect Immortal like coldness, and the duo ticks that box in every track. In fact, I think that many mid 90s Immortal fans will prefer this record to Abbath’s, Apollyon’s and Horgh’s recent output-I dare to say it is far less “comical”!

This is a great beauty of modern Isvind, and modern day black metal too, crafted with the genius to make it all sound not as familiar as it is. It is by no means the most original record of the year, but neither member gives a shit. Pure black metal bands make records for true black metal fans, and so it continues…

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

01. Kast Loss
02. Burn The Kings
03. Blodstorm
04. The Dark Traverse
05. Djevelens Lende
06. Myra
07. Specculum
08. Klabautermann


Goblin - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Arak Draconiiz - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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