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Skies Are Falling
September 2013
Released: 2013, SED Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Hornet have only being around for a couple of years they have sold out venues already, such as The Barfley and the Interpid fox. They have stormed into the metal scene with a whole new style, showing us a mix of punk, metal and rock that works perfectly together.

The album kicks off with a hard hitting punch in the face; the moment the drum beat of track 1 hits your ears, you know that Hornet mean business. Having not being familiar with Hornet before, it was a pleasant surprise to hear something new and exciting in the metal world - to hear a band that are doing it right. The album opens up with the first track 'Skies Are Falling' and it is a hard, energetic and explosive track that you instantly want to jump around too and head bang as hard as you can - this track is definitely going to be a hit. I was surprised when the lead singer, Joe Thompson, came in with his hard heavy vocal. The tones to his voice remind me of [add in the vocalist's name from] Cancer Bats. This gives off a whole different feel to the track and it makes me feel excited for the rest of the album.

Track one and 'Down To The Bone' smoothly merge together and it took a moment to realise that the song had even changed. Even though they may sound similar, the song is good and still has powerful vocals and is enhanced by some kick ass guitar skills courtesy of Rikje Pearson. He keeps the song alive with the passion that comes through, practically tangible, when he plays the crazy guitar solos. When track three 'Second Hand Smoke' kicks in the album begins to gets really interesting. Personally, this is my favourite track from the album, it has that 90's metal thrash feel to it and even though it is a slow song it still has a hard, heavy beat to it, which soon becomes addictive. I have caught myself listening to it more than once and enjoying it time and time again; this song will get the crowd singing their hearts out. 'State of Emergency' has more of a classic rock feel to it, it has a certain bounce to it and Rikje-Pearson brings this track alive with his insane guitar solos that are absolutely inspiring. After the first few tracks I definitely want to see Hornet live; the bounce and the hard hitting vocals make me want to get up and move. Just from listening to them, I get the feeling that these guys know how to perform live and they will not disappoint - the CD does not do them justice. Hornet have gained themselves a fan. 'I’m Gonna Be The Man' and 'Sweet Lips’ have a tongue in cheek sense of humour about them. They are, again, bouncy songs that make you want to get up. Although these are good tracks I feel as though I have heard this approach to music thousands of times before with other bands. There are hints of Airbourne in both tracks, telling you that this was part of the band’s inspiration. They end the fast, upbeat album with a slow mellow track, “Storm the Gates”. The vocals give off a whole different feel to the band. The guitar solo is melodic with a hard hitting beat in the background that makes you want to hear more, it instantly makes you move your head and want to tap your feet.

This album is definitely worth a listen to if you’re looking for something new, Hornet should be proud of themselves, this is a great album.

Reviewed by Becky Brown
Track Listing

1. Skies Are Falling
2. Down To The Bone
3. Second Hand Smoke
4. State Of Emergency
5. Under Pressure
6. Bite Down
7. I'm Gonna Be The Man
8. Drive On
9. Sweet Lips
10. Rock 'n' Roll Riot
11. Storm The Gates


Max Thompson
Alex Burt
Joe Thompson

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