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Eibon La Furies
The Immoral Compass
September 2013
Released: 2013, Code666
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I’m beginning to feel kind of sorry for new metal bands nowadays, especially those from England; following in such a long tradition of creationism in the realm of heavy music, perhaps there just isn’t a lot of room left for bands to branch out.

They just end up taking elements of other bands and mashing them together in a way that sometimes makes sense, but more often than not just makes me feel like I’ve been here before. In the accompanying bio Eibon La Furies call themselves ‘a unique mix.’ And that’s all it is.

A mixture of other music that’s been done before by other bands. Sounding a bit like Hieronymus Bosch in places is a good thing though.

It’s somewhat technical, there are some interesting passages and segues but mostly it’s a bit over-theatrical in my opinion. The musicianship is of an acceptable level and for what it is, the song writing is well thought out and there are a few standout moments here and there.

It has quite an old school sound to it which may appeal to some.

Overall it’s worth a listen but avant-garde industrialized black metal/dark rock with choirs is clearly not for me.

Review by Kevin Griffiths
Track Listing

01. The Compass Awakes
02. Immoral Compass to the World
03. Astronomy in Absences
04. Imperial Jackals Head
05. Flames 1918
06. An Enigma in Space and Time
07. Who Watches the Watchers
08. Conjure Me
09. Ascending Through Darkness
10. The Vanguard
11. The End of Everything
12. The Compass Remains


Paul D Sims (Lord Eibon) – Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jamie Batt (Battalion) – Drums and percussion
Matt Cook (The Furious Host) – Bass
Neil Purdy – Lead guitar

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