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The Difference Between Hell and Home
September 2013
Released: 2013, Victory Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Counterparts is not the type of band that I normally would be interested in; their hardcore/metalcore mash-up not doing much for my musical sensibilities. However, they do have a good reputation and they’re from my home town of Hamilton, Ontario, so when the opportunity came up, I figured I’d give them a listen. The band is in its sixth year and has two previous well-regarded albums under their collective belts.

As I mentioned at the start, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HELL AND HOME is not the type of album that we would normally review here at MR, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth hearing. Fans that have a tolerance for hardcore will get a lot of out this, as the 11-song track list is filled with the type of shouted, angry hardcore-with-heart that is de rigueur these days. Vocalist Brendan Murphy is a bit one-dimensional with his shouted style, but guitarists Jesse Doreen and Alex Re infuse their riffs with a lot of melody, making songs like “Witness” more memorable than they normally would be. In fact, the album is very much a “guitar” album, as the writing and production bring them to the fore. Lyrically, Murphy has a lot to say (within the confines of his chosen genre), but it’s the guitars that truly stand out.

While I am far from an expert on hardcore, I didn’t hear much on this album that makes me think that Counterparts are above the pack. They’re certainly good enough to be worthy of a listen though, and fans of this genre that haven’t yet checked them out are encouraged to do so.
Track Listing

1. Lost
2. Ghost
3. Debris
4. Outliner
5. Witness
6. Decay
7. Compass
8. Wither
9. Cursed
10. Slave
11. Soil


Brendan Murphy: Vocals,
Kelly Brian: Drums
Eric Bazinet: Bass
Jesse Doreen: Guitar
Alex Re: Guitar



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