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Carrier Flux
September 2013
Released: 2013, Code666
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

OBJECTION is the third album release from black metal soloist Carrier Flux and is a vibrant, energetic performance that’s engaging and powerful. Jeff Phillips plays guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals and programs drums for all his tracks and does all his own mixing & mastering in his Minneapolis based sound studio.

The instrumentation delivers devilish licks that are rich in style and melody. The guitar lines blend acoustic and distorted guitars, and are gracefully aided by the chilling bass and rhythmic percussion lines. The vocals layered on top are the piece of the bands eclectic palette, delivering lyrics with passionate energy. Structurally the songs are varied in their layout, with the dynamics reaching between sombre lows and ethereal highs. I feel the band are capable of combing these sounds in a way that is as skilled as it is well performed. The record is mastered in such a way that every instrument can be made out clearly, allowing the songs to feel balanced and deep. Overall the album creates the feeling of hope and motivation in the face of crippling despair. The band perform tracks effortlessly, becoming one with the music that they create. I feel the album is engaging and accessible, as well as being meticulously detailed.

Carrier Flux succeeds in creating a lavish atmosphere with solid song-writing and a creative performance. 'Objection' is enjoyable, clever, and imaginative.

Review by Eoin Harnett
Track Listing

1. Imperative Regression
2. Objection
3. Midas Earth
4. The Path of Children Damned
5. We Who Worship Pain
6. Our Culture of Lucre
7. Shallow Grace
8. The Exalted Malign
9. Checkered Flag of the Phantom Race
10. A Cancer of Foundations
11. Scaffolds About Vacuity
12. Of Vines, of Constriction, of the End


Jeff Phillips – All instruments and vocals

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