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The Silent Wedding
Livin' Experiements
October 2013
Released: 2013, FYB Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

There is a secret album that’s gonna blow your mind if you gonna listen to it! The Silent Wedding released their debut album, an irresistible sonic force by delivering this thrilling, vicious and balls-out stuff. In these last years, we have witnessed a genuine reform of the Greek heavy metal scene as more and more local bands not only release professional albums, but also they attempt to be known not only in Greece, but also abroad, often successfully. The Silent Wedding is such an example of those metal bands, who just released their first full-length album on a Belgian label.

The Athenians, The Silent Wedding show us their nine songs, which are in no way bad, and the production makes the album much more better. Whichever song you listen to, it’s pretty clear that The Silent Wedding have a knack for writing infectious choruses. All of them have more than capable backing vocals and solo sections, and that’s what really gives ‘Livin Experiments’ the score it deserves. As much as vocalist Marios deserves plaudits for all the ear candy, it’s the band as a whole that put the filling in the sandwich. I must admit, I’m impressed; nine tracks on an album that stretches around an hour is rarely the best way to impress, yet The Silent Wedding do such a good job of it that it’s hard to care about the album’s length.

This album is not simple, tame or boring. It is just too dense for me to get in the few listens I gave it. Time to put on some nice headphones and crank it up and holy shit, this is different! What seemed like generic soundscapes ended up being complexly layered fully realized songs. Songs like ‘The Tale of Strahd’, ‘The Return’ and ‘To Them’ are of the best elements for creating classic atmosphere heavy metal, songs filled with amazingly wonderful atmosphere.

Despite this being The Silent Wedding debut, these Greeks have managed some big-name assistance. With the guest appearance of Iliana Tsakiraki (Meden Agan), The Silent Wedding enhanced their album with female vocals that creating a perfect vocal canvas. Scott Travis created a truly good cover. It would appear that all were attracted to both The Silent Wedding’s bristling energy and how they cull disparate musical corners to create something unique. Heavy metal, doom/dark metal and absolutely fans of Fates Warning and Evergrey gonna love this little Greek diamond.

The Silent Wedding have created a record that shows that they have all the necessary weapons in their arsenal and that isn’t just a landmark album for themselves, it’s a milestone album for modern metal and Greek metal scene. Every band to ever try their hand at beatdown-laden, heavy/power-tinged metal has a brand measuring stick and this is it. What you have here is a collection of mini-diamonds and carefully crafted songs and arguably the best release of Greek metal scene for 2013. This album sums up the whole experience with laudable intensity. Greece and Metal World need more of this, dammit!
Track Listing

1. The Return "To Ithaca"
2. To Them
3. When Witches Dance
4. A Cry from Within
5. The Tale of Strahd
6. I Am You
7. Real Temptations
8. General Autopsy
9. In Vitro


Marios -Vocals
Renos - Drums



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