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Temple Nightside
October 2013
Released: 2013, Dark Desecent Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The two man Blackened Death Metal outfit Temple Nightside have become self described as “Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy” due to their raw sounding fusion of Black and Death which begun in 2010. Their latest offering Condemnation is their latest journey into descent, set to be released September this year.

Unravelling with a sense a brief sense of unease, ‘Shrine of Summon (The Great Opposer)’ soon bursts out in a savage array of blistering drums, gruelling vocals and metallic guitar work, fitting the bill for some filth ridden Metal.

Following in a similar fashion, the catastrophic wake of ‘Exhumation; Miseries Upon Imprecation’ comes crashing down with weighty riffs and beastly snarls offering no room for melody to intervene. The droning guitars drive the track forward with bleak sounding passages, whilst the tribal led drumming towards the end build heighten the level of suspense. ‘Dagger of Necromantic Decay (Eater of Hearts)’ plays out with a distorted fuzziness from the guitars, conjuring a murky sounding atmosphere throughout. Everything here remains just as indecipherable as ever and builds upon many of the aforementioned qualities of the earlier tracks with some eccentric guitar solos thrown in towards the end. Closing off with, ‘Miasma’, the blood soaked raspy vocals remain prevalent with the guitar sections and drum work complimenting each other. The bass sounding interlude halfway through does offer some room to catch your breath before building back up into a hard hitting wall of guitars that disperse into the records closure.


Despite some redeemable qualities that are littered throughout the album, there are several things that make it fall short. Most notably the production on the drums could have sounding better as it felt that they were overshadowed too much by the guitars making it hard to keep track of what‘s going on. Another low point came from the instrumental tracks ’Pillar of Ancient Death (Commune part 2.1)’ and ‘Command of Bones (Commune part 2.2)’ both of which failed to really serve any purpose for building any atmosphere.

Overall, this wasn’t necessarily a bad output by Temple Nightside, as some of tracks did indeed serve their purpose at setting a brooding and destructive sounding vitality. It would be good to see some more refinery of these attributes and less repetition within their song structures.

Review by Ben Spencer

Track Listing

1. I. Shrine of Summon (The Great Opposer)
2. II. Exhumation; Miseries Upon Imprecation
3. III. Abhorrent They Fall...
4. IV. Pillar of Ancient Death (Commune 2.1)
5. V. Dagger of Necromantic Decay (Eater of Hearts)
6. VI. Ascension of Decaying Forms
7. VII. Command of the Bones (Commune 2.2)
8. VIII. Miasma


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