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October 2013
Released: 2013, Twin Peak Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Symbolic a very unique melodic Death Metal band formed in 2005 and hail from Ingolstadt Germany

Let me start by saying this album not only punches you hard in the face, it picks you up and throws you hard against the wall with bone shattering power.

The opening Track Everlasting is a great mix of pure musical talent Andreas, and Josef opens this track with some of the best shredding that I have heard for a while, then Joined with the power of the bass from Sebastain, before the thunderous drums from Tobias pound the very fabric of your soul, then just as you about to catch your first breath and recover Bastain unleashes the vocal growl that would wake the dead on the on other side of the world. But what make Everlasting different is the talent to mix the melodic sounds in with a pure death experience.

After Everlasting I thought I knew what I was expecting throughout the remainder of the album (How wrong was I) The opening of The Greed proved that and it was something I was not expecting so soon, these guys are just so talented and will turn the hardest of the Death Metal core to their side

If you think you are going to have time to breath whilst listening to Scarvest think again, Symbolic don’t rest

Achilles Son’s is going to snap your neck and for me in one of the best tracks on the album, this track contains everything from shear shredding to thunderous drums and even a very much old school feel to the guitar solo, and what is strange I almost heard a very old school Megadeth feel.

The kind of solo that makes you wish you had learned to play the guitar when you were a kid.

The Title track of the Album Scarvest makes a stand being the fourth track on the album, and could be used as a live video recording with scenes of the Pits of Death and the Horns held high.

What is strange is that during this track all I could see was Fire Mysery has a very powerful start, and a track that needs to be listened to in a dark room with a bottle of JD, because your mind will be taken on a journey away from this mortal plan. Such a peaceful track that lets you reflect on what has happened in your day…But be warned that Journey is short lived before you are slammed back down to earth with Bittersweet..Now you had better be ready for the ride, because Bittersweet, Down To Zero and the final track 7H8P7P5H are going to make you wish you had a neck collar in the house (You are going to need it)

So to end, all I can say is that Symbolic have done a bloody awesome job producing, writing and recording this killer album and I for one cannot wait to see them tear a festival or concert stage apart

Review by AWG
Track Listing

01. Everlasting
02. The Greed
03. Achilles Sons
04. Scarvest
05. MySery
06. Bittersweet
07. Down To Zero
08. 7H8P7P5H


Bastian Löser - Vocals
Andreas Schiegl - Guitars
Josef Hiltmann - Guitars
Sebastian Kister - Bass
Tobias Schill - Drums

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