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October 2013
Released: 2013, Noiseheadrecords
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Ladies and gents of heavy metal, please feel privileged to get this opportunity and hear about a band with one of the catchiest names in rock and metal music these days. The name pretty much speaks for itself and makes you want to check out this band regardless to what type of music they play. It’s time to meet Sumosluts!

Established in 2010 and coming all the way from Bamberg in Germany, Sumosluts are five musicians who are influenced by different genres of anything hard & heavy.

Sumosluts guys must share some great sense of humour within the band, as their first album was called An Awesome Piece Of Shit (2011) and their second release came out as Time to Freak Out (2012). Yet again Sumosluts have surprised us with a rather defiant title for their new full-length studio album that was released on Friday the 13th (are they trying to say something!?) of September via Noiseheadrecords. It’s called FAT. HOT. SEXY. and it makes a hell of and album filled with some ass-kicking stoner/heavy rock tracks.

FAT. HOT. SEXY. leaves a great first impression and comes across as an upbeat and high energy driven record. It opens with the first official single off the album “Son Of A Bitch,” which has a powerful drive and a lot of attitude to it. What instantly stand out are Phil Svetashkov’s vocals, as he doesn’t sound as any typical stoner rock singer with deep and raw voice. However, his vocal tone perfectly blends in with the Sumosluts sound and adds different and less traditional characteristics to their music.

Sumosluts show their ability to write songs based on big-ass riffs and groove beats with the first few songs on the album already. “Losing My Mind” and “Pretending” are both well structured heavy rock songs with a great stoner feel and catchy melody.

“Before I Die” marks one of the FAT. HOT. SEXY. highlights, as it’s brilliant with its simplicity, rock’n’roll drive and spectacular guitar work. As well as that, “Believe Me” has got the classic blues guitar groove to it presenting Sumosluts old-school influences mastered into a modern sounding track. “One More Time” stands out as a song with a bit more aggressive approach bringing in heavier riffs accompanied by epic bass parts. However, the vocal parts seem to struggle from time to time on FAT. HOT. SEXY., but the high energy of Sumosluts music compensates any imperfections. The absolute highlight on FAT. HOT. SEXY. has to be “Just Wanna Say,” which sounds absolutely immense with it’s heavy blues guitar riffs and stunning guitar solo. Michael Bickel’s drumming throughout the album is excellent. It manages to keep the energy level in balance and not letting it drop by an inch.

The album production perfectly highlights each instrument on the album and puts a great focus on the structure of each song. With FAT. HOT. SEXY. Sumosluts present an album that’s a great example on how to use your old-school influences and use them as a tool to come up with a modern, fresh and, most importantly, fun sound without much copying their peers.

Fans of any kind of stoner rock from Monster Magnet to Kyuss and Orange Goblin to Fu Manchu will appreciate FAT. HOT. SEXY. as a great addition to their record collection.

Review by Anna Dumpe
Track Listing

1. Son Of A Bitch
2. Losing My Mind
3. Pretending
4. Be There
5. Before I Die
6. Believe Me
7. One More Time
8. Just Wanna Say
9. Wasting My Time


Philipp Svetashkov - Vocals
Matthias Söhnlein - Guitar
Markus Herbst - Guitar
Michael Kraus - Bass
Michael Bickel - Drums

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