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Paint The World
October 2013
Released: 2013, Bakerteam Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I reviewed the debut Sinheresy EP a little over a year ago and I’m glad to see they have returned with a debut full-length album called PAINT THE WORLD. The band must have caught the ear of some people in the industry because the have climbed a few rungs up the industry ladder and signed to Bakerteam Records. There does not seem to have been any line-up changes and the band has presented another gorgeous and colorful cover, somewhat similar in theme to the previous album.

It is immediately evident that the band have matured and grown. From the opening notes of ‘Last Fall’, is apparent Sinheresy have become a faster, heavier and darker band. On their website the band said they wanted to emphasize the orchestral aspect of their presentation and true to their word they have delivered. The symphonic, orchestral components have been brought to the forefront. I felt the debut was enjoyable, if a little too laid-back and showed enormous potential in which they have achieved.

The production is still excellent accentuating the male-female counter-point vocals of Petrini and Sain. Both vocalists do an exceptional job on the slower track ‘Roses and Thorns’, a classic, metal ballad duet. The piano still plays a prominent role but the overall feel of the album is faster and heavier. The simple songs have some elegant arrangements, not too progressive or demanding, most of the cuts falling into 4-5 minute range with a good chorus. ‘Made For Sin’ is another stand-out track with the counter-point vocals and crunchy guitar and orchestral flourishes.

I feel the overall improvement in the band is obvious and that PAINT THE WORLD is a large step forward in this bands style and an excellent evolution of their symphonic sound.
Track Listing

1. Last Fall
2. The Gambler
3. Paint the World
4. Roses & Thorns
5. Made for Sin
6. Breakpoint
7. Lost in the Shadows
8. Our Angel
9. Elua’s Gift
10. Lying Dreams


Cecilia Petrini Vocals, Piano
Stefano Sain Vocals
Lorenzo Pasutto Guitars
Davide Sportiello Bass, Keyboards
Daniele Girardelli Keyboards
Alex Vescovi Drums

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