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Purify the Horror
October 2013
Released: 2013, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

What’s not to like about a Birmingham based grindcore band with an obsession around pigs? Exactly, not a goddam thing. Which brings us to Purify the Horror and their debut EP UNTITLED. The band’s bio sums up the prognosis better than anyone else could do justice, “PURIFY THE HORROR consists of three individuals prominent within the underground music scene who have decided to remain anonymous and adopt the image of filthy pigs in an effort to effectively incite the grind revolution.” Pig masks, pig names, it’s a like an underground version of Slipknot! These guys will be on Ozzfest next year! Okay, maybe not, but for all the shtick, UNTITLED ends up not being a terrible listen. Particularly since the band is offering it up as a pay what you want download (i.e. free).

The album teeters between tongue-in-cheek silliness and no-nonsense metal with a sense of purpose, leaving it up to the listener to decide where things ultimately lay. Sure, tracks like “Christmas Party Mayhem”, and the 4-second “Shree-dela-badum-de-ladum-de” are in on the joke, but on more fleshed out tracks like “Pig”, “The Imperialist”, and “Kill Them All”, you get the feeling that there’s a lot more brewing below the surface here than Purify the Horror are letting on.

And it’s free. Its run time is about half of an episode of Seinfeld, and you have a duty to support independent music. So wander over to Purify the Horror’s bandcamp page and do the right thing.
Track Listing

1. The Deepening Revolt
2. PIG
3. Future & Fantasy
4. Kill Them All
5. Give Me Your Money
6. Wearing the Crown
7. Christmas Party Mayhem
8. Restitution
9. Imperialist
10. Pig Born
11. Shree-dela-badum-de-ladum-de
12. The Resistance


Sergeant Squeal - Vocals
Bear Pig - Guitars & Bass
Lord Pig – Drums

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