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October 2013
Released: 2013, Sky-Rocket Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Lancaster, England’s Promethium return with their second album in 2013’s ORIGINS. Their debut album garnered some buzz, and while I have not heard it, the album had many positive reviews. Promethium is actually on a new label, Sky-Rocket Records, for this album. The four-piece band’s album consists of ten fairly compact and uncomplicated songs rooted in the power of the riff and a distinct mid-tempo march for much of the album.

I have listened to ORIGINS a couple of times now, and my initial impression remains the same. This is essentially a modern and less metallic version of Prong with elements of Alice In Chains, while singer Gary McGahon sounds almost exactly like Rob Cavestany did on The Organization’s SAVOR THE FLAVOR. The similarities are uncanny. For some reason, McGahon and the band think that throwing in some gruff vocals that border on Death and Core metal are an asset, but they actually detract from the songs in my opinion. One exception is the near-perfect Tom G. Warrior vocals on “Revolver.” Musically the band blends elements of mid-paced Thrash with a semi-industrial and Grunge-like approach. The tune “Counterfeit” is clearly a nod to Alice In Chains.

Everything is competently executed and recorded, no complaints at all with the sound of the album. The direct nature of the songs also makes it easy to mosh to a couple of tunes, though in some cases the arrangements are just too basic and simplified. Other strengths would be the impressive melding of their influences into something that does sound fairly unique and modern with hints of variety in the songs, usually employed in the intros or verses. Choruses are fairly predictable, channeling Prong with few exceptions. At the end of the day, ORIGINS is a respectable release that can be enjoyed for its direct and unique blending of styles. Lyrically, there is nothing inspiring and an occasional speedster would have been welcome rather than the uniform mid-mosh. As I said, I am not a fan of the Core vocals that thankfully, appear only occasionally. They sound out of place, but lots of bands in many genres alternate between that natural vocal style and a harsh and aggressive style, so maybe I am the one that is out of place.
Track Listing

1. Won’t Break Me

2. Gunslinger

3. The Art of Hurting

4. Counterfeit

5. Rain

6. The Hunted

7. Plagued By Evil

8. Revolver

9. Believer

10. Origins


Vocals – Gary McGahon
Guitars – Daniel Lovett-Horn
Guitars / Backing Vocals – Rossi
Drums – Adam Hargreaves

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