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October 2013
Released: 2013, Xtreem Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Spain’s Onirophagus are quick workers. Having only formed in 2011, the band has already released a well-received EP (DEFILER OF HOPE), and now this, their debut full-length album. However, the band’s music is the complete opposite of their work ethic, being slow, crushing doom metal with strong death metal overtones.

Indeed, opening track “Baikal” leaves no illusions on what Onirophgaus is all about; it’s measured beat and thunderous riffs are devastating. Paingrinder’s vocals are pure death growls, and while the band does pick up into double bass occasionally, it’s the slow, rumbling tank-tread kind, grinding away. It takes strong song writing and interesting riffs to pull off this style convincingly, and there are definitely times throughout the album when the forward momentum and depressive atmosphere created is irresistible, as in the mesmerizing “Feverish”. The song reaches a classic doom vibe similar to what you’d hear on Swallow the Sun’s fantastic debut record, THE MORNING NEVER CAME. However, this mood is not achieved again until “Nylarlathotep”; leaving several songs that are not bad, but somewhat lacking and not as memorable. Although the quiet instrumental “Aeger” is forgettable, the remainder of the album is certainly worth hearing.

PREHUMAN shows Onirophagus to be a band on the rise, with plenty of interesting ideas to put forth. Although it’s not genre-defining, it’s a very solid album that doom/death fans will want to check out.
Track Listing

1. Baikal
2. Discordia
3. Feverish
4. Aeger
5. Nocebo
6. Nylarlathotep
7. Ceremonial Swamp


Paingrinder: Vocals
Ghorth: Guitar
Moregod: Guitar
Khrorum: Bass
Uretra: Drums



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