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Lady Beast
Lady Beast
October 2013
Released: 2012, Inferno Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This month will be reviewing a number of releases on the small, but very cool French label, Inferno Records. There have a decent roster of about 20 bands from around the world that they release on vinyl, Cassette and CD. This month I will be reviewing releases by Axecutor (Brazil) Clenched Fist (Brazil), Death Rides a Horse (Denmark), Elvenstorm (France), Lady Beast (USA), Prime Evil (USA), Rampart (Bulgaria), Razorwyre (New Zealand). Please feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature.

Fresh meat for the grinder! Lady Beast is a brand new quintet out of Pennsylvania, USA. The band put out this indie EP and Inferno reissued it shortly after with a bonus cut bringing the nine-song release to 33 minutes. The cover art is a bit odd. The image is good a warrior with her sword but the weird yellow colour scheme is not pleasing to my eyes, but it does stand out.

LADY BEAST is classic NWOBHM without any frills or surprises. The band write good, simple songs with an adequate delivery. There are some decent solos and the songs rumble along, but never really gain enough momentum. Vocalist, Deborah Levine puts on a good performance, not too high or low she reminds me a bit of Anne Boylen in her delivery. She is one of the highlights on the record. The aforementioned bonus cut is a decent choice in the form of Priest’s ‘Ram It Down’. I say decent because not many bands do covers from that album. Secondly, it’s a very ambitious choice because of the trade off solos of Tipton and Downing make it a tough one to beat. I’m not sure the Lady Beast twin-lead attack of Tommy and Twiz can top Glenn and Ken, but they give it a good go. Either way it is a nice way to end the record.

Lady Beast first foray into the Metal Wars leaves a bit to be desired, but the basic talent is there, with good individual skills all round, they just need to increase the intensity and maybe expand the song-writing. There is nothing wrong with LADY BEAST at all, but it is a competitive crowded market and they might need another few years before they can stand out from the pack.
Track Listing

1. Lady Beast
2. Metal Rules
3. The Lost Boys
4. Armor
5. Birthrite
6. When Desire Is Stronger than Fear
7. Hot Pursuit
8. Go for the Bait


Deborah Levine Vocals
Tommy Kinnett Guitar
Twiz Guitar
Greg Colaizzi Bass
Adam Ramage Drums

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