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Silent Revenge
October 2013
Released: 2013, AFM Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Chasing the debut album for a band happens in all music genres, not just metal. But in metal, it seems to be far more frequent. Indeed, Brazilian act Hibria has been chasing DEFYING THE RULES ever since its release, and has yet to catch it. SILENT REVENGE does not pull along side of the first album, but it does close some of the gap that had opened on the past two releases. Hibria is now on German heavy weight label AFM, a sign of the band’s growing international stature, particularly in Japan. Despite the positive potential of being on AFM, the music has to do the talking, and SILENT REVENGE continues to see the band move ever more modern and hard edged at the expense of memorable riffs or songs.

The title track is arguably the worst on the album, the band courting modern down-tuned riffs with some kinda tough guy aggressive vocals thrown in. It sounds a bit like Mystic Prophecy, the main riff a dull and monotonous chug. The song is partially redeemed by the vocal range of Iuri Sanson, and a melodic and shred-worthy solo. The album does get better after that, with most of the choruses being fairly memorable, pushed along by Sanson’s melodic vocal lines. The opening and verse riffs to most of the songs tend to be stiff and mechanistic, lacking imagination and variety. The production is dry as a bone, sounding like some rust encrusted engine, moving parts protesting, grinding to push things along. “Silence Will Make You Suffer” suffers from another dull intro, but the rest of the song is pretty decent, Sanson moving into Halford range on the chorus while the verse riff is pretty catchy as well. Perhaps the best and most varied tune, that avoids the reliance on the down tuned chugs, is “The Scream Of An Angel”, certainly the type of tune that the album could have benefited from having a lot more like it.

SILENT REVENGE finishes as a decent album, nothing remarkable, just your average listenable metal album. The true weakness of the album is the detuned guitars and the stale riffs that sound recycled from Disturbed, Nevermore, and countless other down tuned guitar bands. Every single one of these riffs sounds like something you have heard countless times, which means the band must be courting some kind of commercial acceptance. The positives are the inspired and ripping guitar solos and Sanson’s powerful range. Fans of the band will be pleased that SILENT REVENGE corrects some of the problems with the last few albums, but not enough to declare a return to the potential that the debut revealed.
Track Listing

1. Silent Revenge

2. Lonely Fight

3. Deadly Vengeance

4. Walking to Death

5. Silence Will Make You Suffer

6. Shall I Keep on Burning?

7. The Place That You Belong

8. The Scream of an Angel

9. The Way It Is

10. Shall I Keep On Burning (unplugged bonus track)


Abel Camargo - Guitars
Iuri Sanson - Vocals
Eduardo Baldo - Drums
Benhur Lima - Bass
Renato Osório - Guitars



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