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Ghost Avenue
Ghost Avenue
October 2013
Released: 2013, Pitch Black
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

NWOBHM lives again! It is so nostalgic and wonderful seeing bands of these modern sound times looking back in the base of 80’s where bands did not have any sound effects to ‘adorn’ their music. Like being straight out of 80’s Ghost Avenue come to remind us what 80’s heavy metal means!

Ghost Avenue formed in Norway back in 2002. Ten years after their establishment, they came back with their second album offering a unique elaboration of 80’s heavy metal which manages to achieve a perfect analog sound (there is nothing of modern sound here at last!) with music that’s full of melody, catchy tunes and choruses. From the first moment of their existence they had already won many fans feel the underground - and non - metal circles.

Logically anyone may wonder if all of the above correspond to the value of the band. The answer is purely subjective. Ghost Avenue also belong to the category of groups that are not consistent with the current audio path of heavy metal music, but want to revive through their songs the decade of the 80’s, where all this heavy stuff that we have today began for me. Their work certainly is very special as the title says the album but if anything is too dignified, due to the fact that this title reminds me a lot of this of the 80’s. Anyone who gonna listen to their songs will immediately feel the love they have for the old-fashioned heavy metal, which is quite evident from the first note of the opening title track until the end. Whether you like it or not, all the effort came out by people who love the roots of heavy metal music and have created a sound effect that comes straight out from the heart, so this effort is totally pure. But this time they sound too English, like an all-time classic NWOBHM band of the 80’s.

In "Flying Tigers" the follower will listen again mostly mid tempo tracks with a nice rhythmic parts and staccato guitar sound, but now enriched with memorable refrains and choruses that will make all listeners to smile, because when the listening up gonna finish, a great smile will be on face. All songs make you shake your body parts constantly as the power that exudes from songs will not let you tear away from the speakers. Certainly the older generations will enjoy more, as they will discover, if they have not already done so, a band playing in the year 2013 " vagabond-ly" and vagrant-ly, opposing the current reality, but satisfying first of all themselves. Unlike others, they do not write mainstream songs for widespread consumption and sales, but songs that have a beginning, middle and ending. The band line up has a big and important role, which definitely having utilized all their experience on stage, gives us the best job of Ghost Avenue so far.

I am very happy, because Ghost Avenue created a record that proves that there are still bands that can contribute to metal music, since they have all the guts to do that. I wish to keep up the good job they are doing, because if they do so, they can be the next big thing in heavy metal community. Time will tell...
Track Listing

1. Ghost Avenue
2. Rock ‘n Roll Tree
3. The Hunt
4. The Right Direction
5. Crazy Eyes
6. Treasure Chest
7. All I Can Say
8. Out on the Street
9. When the Going Gets Tough
10. Legacy
11. Two Drinks


Kim Sandvik- Vocals
Øystein Wiik- Guitars
André Berger- Guitars
Magnus Liseter- Bass
Petter Lein- Drums

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