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October 2013
Released: 2013, Rebellion Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I don’t know if German Desolation takes a pride in not dealing with the English language so well. According to the band the title of their third album is misspelled on purpose to point out that Germans sometimes doesn’t master the English language. Well, very funny Desolation. Let’s move on to the press release. Everything must have been put into Google translate (and yes, the missed out a German word) and spiced up with fancy, fine language as I don’t understand a single thing of what the band is trying to tell me about the concept on their new album. I don’t expect flawless, but I do expect some effort and the laziness does not make happy reviewer.

No press release at all would have been better than what Desolation has come up with. More importantly the music can speak for itself and Desolation brings us dark, heavy gothic inspired metal with brutal vocals.

Sounds overall good and yes, most of it pleases. The synth and orchestra layers in the music are eminent. The vocal lacks a bit of fluent co-operation- especially between the growler and the pitchy screamer. It is a constant war between the two vocals and only the deeper vocals wins.

The record could do without the screamer, it becomes a confusing mix at times and it is easy to get distracted and not give into the concept the album is trying to portray. And yes, this is where the title fits perfectly.

By Ellen Norvang
Track Listing

01. Home Is Where the Heart Is
02. Dorothy
03. Desoriented
04. On Bloodshed
05. L’auberge d’ésolation
06. The Sainthood of the Fallen
07. Ave Maria
08. Contagion
09. Agnus Dei
10. Ich hasse ein bisschen die Welt


René Hühnerberg-Bass
Felix Hanisch-Gitarre
Nicolas Marochow-Gitarre
Johannes Bergmann-Vocals
Sebastian Thomas- Keyboards/Vocals
Thomas Nagel-Schlagzeug

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