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Kings of Carnage
October 2013
Released: 2013, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

An awesomely zombified album has been unleashed by the Germans Debauchery around the world and people remain speechless by the peerless death metal dish they serve to us. Few are the bands which deserve the proverbial fork stuck in them more than Debauchery.

KING OF CARNAGE comes along with its bloodied skull leering out at the prospective audience, and I’d so like to add the caption ‘LET ME OUTTA HERE IN DEEP GORE HELL!!!’, because these Germans are crazy and have fallen well short of what it takes to release a proper death metal album. This almighty middling collection of gory sounds really grooves. Six Feet Under is the fab band of all Debauchery members and these cookie monster vocals can be out of two people on this planet, Chris Barnes and Gurrath.

KING OF CARNAGE demonstrates the union of Debauchery’s regression to old-school groove techniques and the faction's progression into recent faster material. Roughly half the tunes here include slow, distorted groove riffs you'd find on Debauchery’s ‘torturer’ whilst the other half is faster and in the vein of ‘Kill Maim Burn’. The ongoing change of pace leaves the boredom at the door, and it's definitely a good blend of the two elements. The percussion is also well-paired with the guitar, considering the faster material is played at an accelerated pace with speedy snare hits and the slower stuff occupies deep patterns that usually focus on double bass rather than swiftness. The leads shown throughout ‘King of Carnage' are definitely more complex and enlightening than other soloing moments found on previous Debauchery albums.

There really isn't anything wrong with this record, so I suggest you pick this baby up if death metal makes you a happy camper. LET THERE BE GORE! LET THERE BE BLOOD!!!
Track Listing

1. Coming of the Dragons
2. Demonslayer
3. Let There Be Blood
4. Killerbeast
5. Kings of Carnage
6. Man in Blood
7. Blood God Kills
8. Victory Awaits
9.Murder Squad
10. The Last Crusade
11. Debauchery Motherfuckin' Family


Thomas Gurrath – Vocals , Guitar
Dennis Ward - Bass
Oliver Zellmann – Drums

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