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Pigeon Toe
The first perception
October 2012
Released: 2012, Lifeforce Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Ambitiously opening with album self titled song “The first perception”, which is a mix of [the later infectious] a formula the band have created for each instrument, which fails to gel completely as everyone is slightly out of sync. This is however recovered by the later minimal sections that harbour a more dramatic flair of musical venture. With tracks such as “the Chase” and “Sneak” Carrying on this similar style of disharmonies at first then dramatic bursts out of the avant-garde, seem to work better as the album goes on.

With rudimentary riffage and plinking percussion “the man with the cat” emerges after a delightfully calming “the Cave”. With a gorgeous broadened sound the track has the formula of the style working for it rather than against. “A Broken man” shines out like a gemstone with its slowed down, breathtaking deliverance with such muscular rhythms of playing that serves to delight the listener.

The album with a new found downturn of tempo, with tracks such as “second try” and “The crooked path” that harbour a fleeting and often dreamy atmosphere to them, with rich textures that float in and out of audibility. A cascading wall of guitars and aggressively charged arpeggios and delightful harmonies are found later on within “The Wizard parts one and two”. The final track “The Flashback” readdresses all of the most colourful cord constructions from the album, in a spacey medley. Along with doomed thematic meets progressive style that plays out the final slowed track.

Overall the album is richly Laced with mind bending time signatures and catchy compositions, overall this is an sumptuous release that is ear melting worthy. With diverse exploratory piece that develops with entirety listening. The tone and quality of the singer’s voice in ultimately a light in the fog of technical skill flourishes.

However the listener is met with the overwhelming sense of Disharmony playing style is one that is thoroughly disconnected from the main level of listening, whilst rather tapping into the direct nervous system of engagement. With spheres of influence flooding into the album; being that of bands with similar quality; the comparison to Scar Symmetry, Threat signal along with the distinctive high-gain moments that you can’t help but be familiar with.

Review by Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

01. The First Perception
02. The Chase
03. Sneak
04. The Cave
05. The Man With The Cat
06. A Broken Man
07. Second Try
08. The Crooked Path
09. The Wizard pt.1
10. The Wizard pt.2
11. The Flashback


Martin Fischer (Marsn) – Guitar/Vocals
Hans Fischer (Hanson) – Guitar/Vocals
Norman Lonhard – Drums
Patrick Hagmann – Guitar/Synths
Ben Krahl – Bass

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