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October 2012
Released: 2012, Indie Recordings
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

NettleCarrier are a Satanic Black Metal from Norway, with members T. Ciekals (Djevel, Ljå), Mannevond (Koldbrann, Urgehal) and Dirge Rep (Orcustus, Gehenna, Gorgoroth, Enslaved). ’To Strangle The Hero Of Heaven’ was released in 2007 which got the black metal fans attention and now finally they have released their self-titled debut album. Founded by T.Ciekals & Mannevond in 2005 when, at the time member of the band “Ljå”, moved to Oslo and teamed up with Mannevond from the band ‘Koldbrann’.

T. Ciekals states: "I had been in contact with Mannevond a few years back and we were both fans of each others bands!"

In 2002, Ljå and Koldbrann released a split, which and had a burning desire to create a black metal band that did not sound like any other band, but with an older and more sinister sound. However, due to obligations to other bands and projects the plans developed slowly and almost stopped for a while.

When Vold joined the band on drums things changed and the speed picked up for a short while. This resulted in the 7” vinyl "To Strangle The Hero Of Heaven" which was released by ‘Sathanas In Gloriam Productions’. Shortly after, Vold left the band.

When Mannevond started Urgehal and T. Ciekals formed Djevel, NettleCarrier was put on hold for almost three years. After the Djevel album was released, T. Ciekals was finally able to focus on NettleCarrier again and in 2010, Dirge Rep joined the band on drums and they made the decision to record a full-length album.

Without the possibility of rehearsing together, as the band was based both in Oslo and Stavanger, NettleCarrier went in Caliban Studios with Ruben Willem as producer to record the album, without ever being in the same room together! The name NettleCarrier actually means spreader of death artist.

The album was produced by Ruben Willem, mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem/Nettlecarrier and the cover art was by Truls Espedal. There may have been a long and anticipated wait for this album but I can assure you this is one album that was worth it! This is one album that immediately got the evil grin of my face & the volume cracked up HIGH! This has everything I love in the Black Metal genre; Aggression, hatred, brutality and guitar riffs filled with evilness.

With their straight forward, no messing about primitive black metal, dark crushing tracks of pitch black and full bodied and harsh sounds, deep drums, great tempo with the changing lyrics of Mannevond going from low growls to high rising and blast beats throughout, this certainly is one album that demands to be heard.

Although their sound is clear with great production it still manages to maintain the raw black metal feel with an amazing atmosphere throughout. I personally loved this album and can’t get enough of it, but I have to admit there is nothing new here, no boundaries were pushed, no experimental direction but just pure aggression and everything you would expect coming from traditional Norwegian Black Metal.

In my opinion; definitely one of the best Black Metal Releases of this year! An amazing album!!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1. The boiling blood
2. Paa vaare paaler deres hoder
3. I Helvete Kristus skal forgaa
4. Naar Han vaakner
5. Demoriel
6. Cup Of lethe
7. Bundet til masten


T.Ciekals- Guitars & Decomposing
Dirge Rep- Drums
Mannevond- Vocals & Bass

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