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Griffin L.O.G.
Breathe Into Me
October 2012
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having traced the roots of Griffin L.O.G. as far back to the late 90’s, it is more apparent that their full awakening into the world of Gothic music came about in 2004. After releases two previous records and entering live performances it was only a year ago was when the band begun playing more live shows and released the self-financed Breathe Into Me.

Opens with a melodic guitar intro in ‘Ante Scriptum’ the track bleeds into the operatic blast beats of ‘Traumtrinker’, which breaks down into a bass and symphonic passage with deep growling vocals intervening. The metallic aura pervades the track as the duality in vocals between whispering and husky shrieking fit seamlessly together like the pieces of a mosaic. The keyboard utilization adds an ethereal essence underlying the guitar riffs.

‘Amorprometheus’, builds on this idea with a piano led intro and a spoken dialogue, which corrodes into a growling narrative amidst the ambience.

Raising the bar in the bands heavier terrain is ‘The Nightmare Suicider’ that delves into the more metal aesthetics. Meanwhile, the eerie breakdown in ‘Inferno’ is a notable moment of the albums sheer beauty.

Other stands out use of instrumentation are depicted in ‘Komm Tanz’, where vocals, melody and heavy guitar riffs align in some impressive song writing skills from each member in the band. Polishing off this already impressive album is ‘Post Scriptum’, which begins with as an ambient instrumental before bursting into furious drumming, catching bass and powerful guitar riffs. The deep growls leaking into the sound, as the track gets heavier before fading into an acoustic outro.

The album also comes with a second bonus disc in which many of the aforementioned qualities of the first disc can be found as tracks such as ‘Asche’ in its piano and bass led groove pulls the song into a melodic and alluring direction. Meanwhile the bleakness’ The Concrete Masses In An Abstract World’ provides an atmospheric portrayal of darkness.

However, it is ‘Ashes’ with its orchestral backdrop that give this second CD a theatrical scale that is all consuming and the kind of music that you could lose yourself in for hours.

This is ultimately what makes listening to the bonus disc worth the while alone.

Final word, Griffin L.O.G has delivered a record that definitely stands out from their peers. Striking the right balance between darkness and light, aggression and melody but more importantly desperation and romanticism. The whole experience plays out like any decent theatre production and it is journeys like this in music that are rare and worth returning to again and again.

Review By Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Ante Scriptum
2. Traumtrinker
3. Amorprometheus
4. The Nightmare Suicider
5. Inferno
6. Breathe Into Me
7. Komm Tanz
8. Nachfalter
9. Das Leben Ist Schon
10. Post Scriptum

Bonus Disc
1. Asche
2. Heaven In Flames
3. Concrete Masses In An Abstract World
4. Held Am Rande
5. Underneath The Veil
6. Ashes
7. Shadowgeist (Demo recording 2010)
8. Inferno (Ultimate Inferno Version)
9. The Nightmare Suicider (Purist version)
10. Crows (Purist Version)


Bine (Bass)
Fell (Guitars)
The Machine (drums, keyboards)
Griffin (Vocals)

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