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Fueled by Fire
Plunging Into Darkness
October 2012
Released: 2012, Noise Art Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Returning with their second album, Plunging Into darkness, Fueled by Fire are back and ready to serve up a second helping of what many of their ever-growing fan base found in their debut record. This time round they are sounding heavier, darker and more mature sounding, than ever and show no signs of relenting into the mainstream void of modern music.

Opening with, ‘The Arrival’ an instrumental track, with a strong essence of thrash riffs and galloping drums. The lead intervenes with some pulsating solos and guitar harmonics.

Crashing down into, ‘Rising from Beneath’ the speedy thrash influences remain consistent with the enraged vocals. The lightning fast drumming pervades whilst the eccentric finger tapping breaks in between the verse/ chorus with ease as group shout vocals fortify the songs harsh old school thrash metal structure. The solo led crescendo bleeds outwards with deadly precision.

Within the Abyss opens with a scream and catchy guitar hooks and contains some relentless drumming and furious bass lines and well thought out lyrics referring to “The Death Machine”. The albums title track is a personal highlight with high pitched shrieks, intricate guitar riffs and some insanely talented lead guitar sweeps, which is driven onwards by the rapid fire drumming.

The seventh track, ‘The Intro’ provides a much-needed instrumental of neo-classical guitar strumming that wouldn’t sound out of place on some of Opeth’s more melodic material. ‘Amongst The Dead’ picks up the pace with more metallic riffs and solos, whilst ‘Sickness of Humanity’ has a raw bass and drumming groove that should get most metallers turning their heads up to attention and get them rocking out.

Overall, the album resonates with the old school thrash style that has been somewhat absent from many contemporary bands and this was quite a refreshing listen in itself. However, the record does come with flaws in the way of experimentation, and there is a slight overindulgence in throwing too many solos into certain songs, but it makes up for it in regards to its tight musicianship and raw sounding production. Without a doubt Fueled By fire are a talented group who remind you of just how vibrant thrash metal can be and for the uninitiated it can become a good starting place to become engulfed in the old school sound.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. The Arrival
2. Rising From beneath
3. Within the Abyss
4. Unidentified Remains
5. Plunging Into Darkness
6. Eye of the demon
7. Intro
8. Evoke The Curse
9. Amongst the dead
10. Sickness of Humanity
11. Mass Infestation
12. Deadly Restraints (Bonus Track)


Rick Rangel: Guitars/ vocals
Chris Monroy: Guitars
Carlos Gutierrez: Drums
Anthony Vasquez: Bass

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