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Into The Light
October 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Frater (huh?) comes to us from Argentina where they’ve been slowly making a name for themselves with gigs and a previous EP called SHAPELESS. That’s about it for background on the band, so let’s jump right into the band’s debut full-length album, INTO THE LIGHT.

After a brief melodic opening, it’s immediately clear upon hearing the opening onslaught of “Eleven” that Frater is FIRMLY in the metalcore camp. As expected, the following 11-song album is rife with acrobatic, melodic riffs, breakdowns, growled verses, and melodic sing-along choruses. After one listen to the album, I was ready to dismiss the band as yet another in a long line of groups looking to cash-in on whatever dwindling amount of fame and money are left in the genre.

However, further listening allowed me to hear the merit in the Frater’s music. Yes, there’s nothing remotely original to be heard on INTO THE LIGHT, but if you’re a fan of this particular style, there is some worth here. First off, vocalist Pablo Urcullu gives as impassioned a performance as I’ve ever heard in metalcore, and although he’s closely following the template laid down by his predecessors, he’s able to firmly establish himself as a charismatic vocalist. Unlike so many others, he’s definitely not phoning it in. Similarly, guitarists Andres Bori and Pablo Roman may not play riffs you haven’t already heard on Unearth and God Forbid albums, but the fury with which they play those riffs is palpable. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that the band hails from the relative metal-vacuum that is Argentina, but something’s ignited a fire in these guys.

As played out as the metalcore genre is, some bands continue to surprise me with the extra mileage they squeeze out of it. Frater is one of those bands, and is worth a listen if you’re into this style.
Track Listing

1. Eleven
2. Heir of Thorns
3. Venomous
4. Break Away
5. Eternal Return
6. Beneath My Eyes
7. Truth In Lie
8. Free Us Now
9. Shapeless
10. Statement
11. Swansong
12. Into the Light


Pablo Urcullu: Vocals
Andres Bori: Guitar
Pablo Roman: Guitar
Alejandro Ichkhanian: Bass
Federico Mele: Drums

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