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Satan Alpha Omega
October 2012
Released: 2012, Hells Headbangers
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This is the third official full-length album from the band Deiphago, who first formed back in 1989 by Voltaire 666, Sidapa and Royce. The band was inspired by the black metal bands such as, Sarcofago, Sodom, Venom, Mercyful Fate and Hellhammer. They released their 1st demo on 1991 and in1993 they were inspired by Blasphemy, Beherit, and Profanatica, so they released their 2nd demo which was mixed with Morbid Angel solos and also incorporated Beherit's demonic whispers on "Hail Mary Innana".

Through the next years, Deiphago continued to play the Philippines while they undergo constant line-up changes. In 1997, they appeared with a new drummer and released their 3rd demo and by 1998, the band was continuously plagued by line up problems leaving only V666 and Sidapa on the fold. The band remained dormant for 6 years, waiting for the right time to strike back….

It was in 2004, the band relocated to Costa Rica which made the the perfect backdrop for Deiphago to release their long overdue album. Deiphago began writing new materials and on March 2006, they released a 3 song promo entitled "Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary" which caught the attention of Canadian label Morbid Moon records, who immediately signed the band for the release of their 1st album aptly titled "Satanik Eon".

In 2009, "Filipino Antichrist" brought Deiphago's to an even wider international audience as the band's first album through Hells Headbangers, "Filipino Antichrist" garnered both widespread acclaim and widespread hatred! But the band showed ‘No compromise, no mercy’ ..and now, in 2012 they have released "Satan Alpha Omega."

I was really looking forward to hearing this release and there certainly is quite a dramatic start with the intro track ‘Extermination’, which sounded something from an old World War II movie, with alarms ringing and various classical sounds and noises in the background, but it wasn’t long until the first track kicked in…and what an intro!

This certainly is one brutal, raw and seriously furious Black Metal Album, which also shows elements of Death metal and even some thrash thrown in for good measure!

The first thing I will say about this band is this:


For me personally, Black Metal is my favourite genre and my music is extremely personal to me, so when I read a review I like it to be honest and not just someone slagging off a genre they are unable to comprehend …I mean, what’s the point?!

Secondly…if you don’t like insanely extreme Black Metal, screaming about Satan, with intense noise and fast insane Guitaring, then this band won’t be for you. I admit, to a lot of metallers out there it will just sound like noise, as there is a lot going on and does sound slightly chaotic, but if you are familiar with this genre you will really appreciate this band!

It’s also impressive to know that it only took 3 members to create this unique, yet disturbing release!

This band instantly grabs hold of you and it feels like they drag you to Hell screaming, unable to breathe…and you stay there till the end of this album! I felt like I was having a heart attack listening to this album, but I kind of liked it!

My question is…are you brave enough to give it a go?!!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1. Intro / Extermination
2. Human Race Absolute End
3. Heretic Oath
4. Plague and Satan Triumphant
5. Exalted Hate
6. Satan Mongers
7. Atrocities Absurdities
8. Crucifixation
9. Demonic Munitions
10. Satan Alpha Omega
11. Outro


Sidapa - All Guitars
Voltaire 666 - Bass and Black Vomits
Vaz - Drums

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