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The Peregrine Way
October 2010
Released: 2010, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Viathyn have been kicking around the Calgary, Alberta metal scene for years. They used that time quite wisely to refine their sound, and record and release a very fine debut album. The band put some time and energy into their initial offering to the world. It has a nice cover, and 4 page booklet with photos, lyrics, notes and so on. First impressions are important I feel and they have done a good job.

On the disc itself we are treated to an hour of high-calibre metal. 10 cuts, most of them in the 6-8 minute range gives us a lot to chew on. Each song has enough room to breath as the compositions are a little more indulgent and sophisticated than a verse-chorus-verse chorus structure. The sound presented by Viathyn is a sort of sophisticated Power Metal, heavier in style than some of the keyboard laden so-called ‘flower metal’ bands. However there are keyboards used quite a bit for accent and atmosphere, but they are mixed a little farther back and don’t replace the guitar as a lead instrument as some of those other bands do. The songs gallop along at a good pace but never just descending into wave upon wave of double-kick.

There are hints of folk styling’s in the songs, but not overtly so. It is not an emphasis and when it is employed it sounds a bit like an upbeat jig that flows along well with the pace of the song. They don’t just throw in an accordian for example just because it sounds ‘folky’. ‘Through The Orchard’ starts with a nice, melodic acoustic intro and incorporates what sounds like a fiddle (which could be synthesized). A comparison to Skyclad might not be out of line in this instance but perhaps not quite as quirky.

Tomislav vocals are somewhat restrained as he spins epic tales along THE PEREGRINE WAY. He has a good clear voice but I would have liked it a bit higher in the mix. It’s quite smooth and his delivery is confident but it could have been brought to the fore. There are lots of guitars and guitar solos, intro and outros so the end result is still a very guitar-driven album. Sascha Laskow (Divinity, Enditol) drops by for some guest shredding as well.

Viathyn have delivered a really solid, classy and mature metal album for a young band, that is as good as anything coming out of Europe these days. THE PEREGRINE WAY does not mimic the Italian symphonic style, or the Germanic, True Metal style or even the newer, darker US styles…it has a certain Eastern European sensibility. Viathyn’s ambitious and sophisticated debut is worth checking out.
Track Listing

1. Antebellum
2. Heathen Arise
3. Sirenum Scopuli
4. Through the Orchard
5. The Oracle's Prophecy
6. Blackened Woods
7. The Twilight Haven
8. Frail Titan
9. Canvas
10. The Antique Man


Tomislav Crnkovik-Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Wright-guitar
Alex Kot-Bass
David Crnkovik-Drums, Keyboards

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