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Darkmoon Warrior
Nuke 'Em All
November 2013
Released: 2013, W.T.C. Productions
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The new release from German Black Metal outfit Darkmoon Warrior proves to have a solid variety in songwriting and execution. Nuke ‘Em All combines the classic Black Metal aesthetic from the nineties with modern production techniques, resulting in a very crisp sounding record. The album starts off with the track ‘Fuck Off’ which combines a standard black metal melody of the verses with a punk-esque hook.

The instrumentation is incredibly impressive right from the beginning of the album, with each instrument developed to the point where a different layer of music is carefully created. This can be seen on the second track from the releases, ‘Satanificaton’; the bass line plays beneath the chaotic drumming, as the arpeggio guitar riff allows the vocal delivery to be heavy and punishing. With this being a black metal record, the most important aspect arguably are the vocals. Whilst some black metal releases try to create agonising melodies, it can often result in the vocals seeming weak in comparison and merely trying to keep up.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Darkmoon Warrior. Lyrics detailing hatred and themes of an apocalyptic nature are delivered stunningly by lead vocalist Atom Krieg. It allows the songs to have that extra layer of power to the mix, as well as leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Throughout the course of the album the melodies presented are quite varied. The tracks ‘The Call’ and ‘Black Tongues And Rusty Nails’ feel very groovy and steady moving against the likes of the title track ‘Nuke ‘Em All’ and ‘Waves Of Salvation’ which are impressively fast passed ballads of brutality.

However this variation does not lead to a decline in the quality of the music, rather Darkmoon Warrior are able to perform these mix of songs quite well, with the quality remaining consistent. One aspect to the album that may throw listeners off however is the flow of the album, which does not always feel refined. This most certainly applies to the closing track ‘Soul On Fire’, which opens and closes quite abruptly, feeling rather underdeveloped. However this is probably the only complaint I have for the album as a whole. ‘Nuke ‘Em All’ is an excellent album, and incredibly enjoyable.

What stood out to me is the progression of the tracks, and the overall catchy vibe that the album has. The melodies presented are sure to stick in the listeners head, however this is not to imply that the only thing going for the album is slick riff making. Rather, it is the combination of solid songwriting and impressive musical performance that ensures Darkmoon Warrior has created an amazing album.

Review by Eoin Harnett
Track Listing

1. Fuck Off
2. Satanification
3. The Call
4. Black Tongues And Rusty Nails
5. Nuke ‘Em All
6. Storm Of Feces
7. Waves Of Salvation
8. Soul On Fire


Atom Krieg: vocals, bass guitar
Grommon: guitar
Greifenor: guitar, backing vocals

L.V.X.: drums

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