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Vulgate E.P.
November 2013
Released: 2013, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Starting out as a thrash metal band influenced by the likes of Testament, Megadeth and Exodus, Vulgate (UK) have been going strong since 2005. After releasing their Unleashed E.P. and playing around with thrash metal for few years, the band felt the need to change their musical direction.

Today Vulgate find themselves highly influenced by death metal bands like Death, Cynic, At The Gates and Dying Fetus and present their latest E.P. Vulgate that’s been independently released on the 17th of August, 2013.

Vulgate E.P. leaves a great first impression of solid death metal record full of groove and musical contrasts. It kicks off with one minute long intro „Transperance,” which is beautifully melodic and acoustic, however it struggles to resemble and inform the listener on what’s about to follow.

The second song „The Sickening Fanatical Mind” adds a great kick to the record bringing in sharp guitars, epic drumming and death metal growls. It’s an extensive song with added melody and acoustic elements alongside heavy, raw and powerful death metal parts making it a dramatic highlight of the E.P.

„Light in a Sky” brings it down by throwing in doom atmospherics and chugging riffs, yet maintaining perfect melodics and technical song structure. It marks the darkest and heaviest track off Vulgate E.P. with exceptionally well captured feel to it.

„Waves (instrumental)” stands out as a progressive song with astounding and virtuoso guitar performance. It contrasts the heaviness of „Light in a Sky” and makes Vulgate into a lot more exciting E.P. to discover.

The last track on Vulgate E.P. is „Waters of Judgement” starting out with a haunting intro and evolving into a fast pace and technically mind-blowing track with spectacular guitar work and significant thrash metal influences. The drumming on „Waters of Judgement” is extra sharp and with added soaring death metal growls, the song just can’t go wrong.

Vulgate stands out as an original and challenging E.P. for such progressive death metal band, as it includes multiple musical techniques, layers and elements from different genres. Vulgate E.P. will not let down those who enjoy their old school death metal raw and not overproduced.

Review by Anna Dumpe
Track Listing

1. Transparence
2. The Sickening Fanatical Mind
3. Light in the sky
4. Waves
5. Waters of Judgement
6. Waves (Demo) *Bonus track* only available when the whole album is bought via Bandcamp.


William Brown - Lead Vocals, Bass
Ben Taylor - Guitar
Dan Weir - Guitar
Owen Fowler - Drums

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